• Anybody have "rendering & Lighting" tutorials for beginners?

    Anybody have "rendering & Lighting" tutorials for beginners? I am using Microstation v8i. If anybody have please post me. Or From where i can get this? Please suggest me... Thanks
  • PC Studio FAQ

      Applies To 
      Product(s): PC Studio
      Version(s): V8i
      Environment:  N/A
      Area:  N/A
      Subarea:  N/A
      Original Author: Bentley Technical Support Group

    Is there any way to get PC Studio to use metric units instead…

  • Reflections fall-off

    For the floor of attached image I used this material from the Modo assets site:


    How can I get this reflections falloff with SS2?

    I tried with a gradient procedure as reflection map but it doesn…

  • Requesting User Input: Proposal for Changing Part Rendering In AECOsim Building Designer

    We are currently considering making a change to how the family/part system handles rendering material in AECOsim Building Designer and would like to solicit input and feedback from our users on this proposal.

     Current State- 

    AECOsim Building Designer…