• Don H. Fu's Blog: Communication Remains the Same

    When I came on board at Bentley Systems it was the mid-90’s. The internet had just started its glory days.  I was asked to monitor a news group that was on then still new World Wide Web and answer questions posted by our users.  That news group was…

    • Mon, Aug 3 2015
  • Don H. Fu's Blog: Arbitrary vs. Oblique Dimensions

    MicroStation's arbitrary dimension is comparable to AutoCAD's oblique dimension.  They both allow extension lines to be rotated.  A major difference, however, is that they measure different distances: MicroStation measures parallel distance between…

    • Thu, Sep 30 2010
  • Don H. Fu's Blog: DWG Units

    DWG format does not really have a linear unit concept and it really is a unitless system.  There is no reliable way to determine what units are used in a DWG file.  There are two system variables that suggest units: unit format and design center units.

    • Wed, Oct 28 2009