• bridge problem

    I am working on a project and my teacher keeps on saying that the plate and nodes are not connected in this bridge deck that  i am  designing and I'm having trouble as to what he means by that. I am also having trouble in applying the loads as per IRC 6…

  • PAGE NO. 1 **************************************************** * * * STAAD.Pro V8i SE

    can someone solve my problem ??

    "staad 2d- error "

    can someone slove this 

  • Updated Guide for Subscription Entitlement Service (CONNECT Licensing)

    I posted an updated Guide for Subscription Entitlement Service (formerly known as CONNECT Licensing) in our Files Gallery here.

    This includes updated screen grabs for the CONNECT Center, Subscription Service Portal (formerly Enterprise Portal) as well…

  • RE: What am doing wrong?

    Thank you very much, I thought that using only the analytical checks in Revit and integrity in Staad were enough!

    I really had forgotten to use the audit Nodes in ISM tools.

    It is a very powerful tool and I will not forget to use it anymore.


  • RE: How to model plates with a spacing similar to angles modeling with space


    Thank you .  In model it seems load from plate goes to central plane(frame) through rigid link , I am correct.?/

    Whether modeled angles will take any load?? How angles and plates connected in model??

    In actual case plate is welded to angles on top…

  • Create composed profile with Section Wizard

    Hello everyone,

    I created a composed profile with the Section Wizard and exported it to an upt file.

    I created a new user table in the Staad Pro (version and asigned the composed profile to same beams. But when I run the file it crashes…

  • STAAD PLANE - what are the assumptions


    I have modeled a continuous beam. The support at the left end is PINNED. The bending moment diagram shows a moment at the support. See the figure.

    Please explain the reason for this.


    This generally occurs if you have

    • chosen PLANE as…