• RE: attach a reference - cached is default. Why?

    Hello Gerd, 
    very good points that you mentioned there. I feel the same way. Until this day I have not found out in which situations the cached option seems to be working better. In contrary: The loading times are horrible and the reflection of changes…

  • RE: attach a reference - cached is default. Why?

    MS_RFDIR is not even listed in Help as a variable regarding references

    That variable (MS_RFDIR) has been around for so long that the document writers consider it part of a MicroStation user's DNA. Like other useful variables (e.g…

  • RE: attach a reference - cached is default. Why?


    I'm also confused and the feeling as that the behaviour has changed somewhere along the way. It now seems to be the default when 3D files are attached to 2D files.

    You can, however, set the default by defining the following variable:


  • [CE U13] PickLists and dgnlibs. What's the plan?

    I'm trying to set up a good workflow for Item Types and PickLists for use with a cell library.

    I've defined the ItemTypes in the cell library and put the PickLists in a dgnlib. The idea is that PickLists might vary between projects or change over time…

  • RE: Bentley Navigator Connect Edition

    Will Navigator ever support 2d drawings ? Is it possible to convert a 2D drawing in any way to make it show in Navigator ? (I have tried to Save as 3D and publish to iModel, but this does not work )

  • RE: Fill in Single Data Fields

    Hi Gerd,

    For my section indicators/detail callouts (what ever you want to call them--see my screen shot), I have to manually enter data.  This data is not related to anything in my active dgn.  The enter data fields allow me to hit "Auto fill enter data…

  • RE: Custom linestyle is shown as solid line?

    select the non compliant line and under the properties there is a  setting like the LT scale  for auto cad.. try very small first  no effect try very big..

    also compare the settings in the Model properties between good file and nonworking file under global…

  • RE: Clip Volume not working issue

    If there’s sufficient interest, we can consider supporting clip volume in read only files but it will just clip the model & will not create drawing from it.

    We need it big time... in Mstn and and the verticals sitting on top.…

  • RE: Paste drawing objects into Excel

    Please try this:

    1) From the dgn file , set view of the desired elements

    2) Key in :oleserve viewcopy. Then select View by data click.

    3) open Microsoft Excel program , right click and Paste special, > Paste >MicroStation View Object

  • Comment on Bentley View CE


    Underscoring Bentley's commitment to make no-cost file viewing available to the entire project ecosystem, we will release a CONNECT Edition version of Bentley View.  Given the outstanding demand for this, we will make every effort to provide it as…

  • Comment on Bentley View CE


    Here is a workflow that I have been asked to implement..... IF VEW CONNECT were available

    Install and setup Bentley CONNECT applications ie MicroStation, AECOsim etc.

    Then install VIEW CONNECT and make the default DGN application as View CONNECT…

  • RE: Why has the CONNECT edition of Bentley View been removed?

    Jon Summers said:
    Free viewing software propagates the use of the DGN format within and without your MicroStation customer base. 

    Agree for 100%. Today to don't offer completely free (no subscription, maybe free registration) simple format viewer* both…

  • RE: Why has the CONNECT edition of Bentley View been removed?

    MicroStation Review promotes the viewing of DGN files.  It is zero cost for the V8i version.  That makes it easy for a project manager to recommend to non-CAD users in her organisation.

    Makai Smith said:
    Please consider Bentley Navigator CONNECT Edition…