• [V8i SS3] How to Load a Windows application/file from MicroStation

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    MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries 3)

    I'm looking for a command to put into a MenuBar item, where I can open a specific text file, located in the dgnlib folder. I don't want it to be edited, so. maybe…

  • 101 ways to set your active level

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    Original Article Date: March 2004

    Updated:  March 2011 

    Ok, well maybe not 101 ways, but enough of them anyway!

      MicroStation V7:

    • Primary Tools tool box
    • Right side of the status bar.
    • Change Element Attributes with Level enabled
    • Match…
  • All about function keys and function key menus

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    Original Article Date: July 7, 2004 

    Ever tried to figure out the syntax of a Function Key Menu file? Or how you can exceed the character limit? If so, then take a peek at this article authored by Jeffrey Malter. It's quite interesting..…

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    Is there a way to attach a reference file and NOT have the level overrides on (color, style, weight)?

    I just started working with a group that uses overrides a lot. I would like to attach the ref and NOT have to go into level manager and turn off all…

  • Capturing messages from the dialog debugger

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    Original Article Date: January 2003

    Updated:  August 2010

    Capturing messages from the dialog debugger

    Ever wondered how to save those MicroStation Messages when the Dialog Debugger is enabled? Take a peek at this article to learn the keyins needed…

  • Cell Selector doesn't seem to be pop-up when I pick it from the utilities pull-down

    could it be off the screen?


  • Cell Utility

    Last revised: January 28, 2009

    The download for this utility can be found here.


    CellUtils is a utility that provides you with the ability to group cells in a grid to be placed in a design file. The grid can be plotted to create a book…

  • Changing all (or some) level colors in a reference with batch process?

    Hey all!

    I am still new to Micro station and VERY new to Batch Process. I wanted to find a way to change the color of one, or more, levels in a reference that is in multiple files. The basic way I was taught to do this in Microstation without batch process…

  • Creating a configuration file

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    Original Article Date: Feb 1, 2001 

    Last month, we talked about getting started with a customized workspace. This month we’ll look at creating a configuration file. The configuration file is the heart of a customized workspace because it…

  • Delete\Remove level with no name

    I am supposed to clean up some drawings, there is an unused level shown: per example. I cannot delete in the level manager, find with the power selector. Not sure how to do a purge.. I made sure it was not selected to plot and that it was not locked…

  • How to deselect - clear - release a selection set

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    Original Tip Date: March 2005

    Updated:  September 2012



    MicroStation V8i - Element Selection                                                                                                                                    (Input focus anywhere.)
    - Enter a data point anywhere in the view, but not on an element.
    - Key in choose none (better yet - put it on a function…

  • How to string keyins together or create keyin scripts

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    Original Article Date: January 2001 

    Updated:  August 2006

    Originally titled The Power of Keyins - Part 2 and published in the July 2000 issue of the MicroStation Manager Magazine, this tutorial covers how to create script files to streamline your workflows…

  • Key-in for Element Selection or Powerselector

    I use a Key-in in script file when it runs the element selection tool (powersel) is gone so I have to reload. In the VBA routines you can have it reloaded automatically


    set weight toggle
    selview all
    update all

    Works fine, but have to reload the…

  • Keyin for VBA Project Manager?

    I am trying to load my project manager, the menu goes Utilities, > Macro, > Project Manager. I would really like to know where to ask the question to do this with a Keyin or VBA routine. I did search for a Keyin Load project manager at the ask Ina.…

  • Keyin Level Manager

    Is there a direct keyin to load the level manager. rather than using Settings, Level, Manager

  • Keyin to load the VBA Project Manager in MicroStation Connect

      Product(s): MicroStation
      Environment: N\A
      Area: Programming
      Subarea: VBA


    Keyin to load the VBA Project Manager in MicroStation Connect


    Keyins have been changed…

  • MDL or something to add numbers to get a total

    I was wondering if Microstation v8i has a tool that will add a selection set of numbers and give/place a grand total in the dgn.

    I have used a tool at a company that would add a selection set. I don't remember if it was an MDL or what. I know it wasn't…

  • Reset Button

    Hi All,

    If I am recalling correctly then the reset button on V7 used to let you get out of the current command and back to the waiting mode or at selecting stage. But I found out 

    in my version of V8i ( the reset button won't allow me to do…

  • Tool Bar Icons Size

    I was changed to another computer was able to setup VBA, tool library , scripts etc. But my tool bar Icons are now to large to fit the screen

    I have searched and searched to see if it was addressed as I am sure it was or is, but I did not find. I hope…