• Bentley Learn Videos not working

    Is anybody having trouble accessing videos on Bentley Learn? We haven't been able to access videos on the Bentley Subsurface Utility Engineering courses

  • Don’t create connection client logins for people outside your company

    We’ve run into 2 companies that are creating accounts for our users and telling them to login via the connection client. Bentley can correct me if I’m wrong but DON’T DO THIS!

    The connection client is NOT just a new Bentley projectwise…

  • Extracting the Title block Information

    1. Is there a way to extract the information from a dgn file to be used for indexing/attributing for ProjectWise? Right now, I am doing it manually which becomes tedious if you have more than 1 thousand files to do.

    2. Does anybody know how to increase…

  • Make external clients unable to use licensing

      Product(s): ProjectWise Client V8i
      Area:  Explorer
      Original Author: Bentley Technical Support Group


    User has external clients and they don't want these external clients using their licensing.


  • OpenRoads Designer - Create Plan/Profile Sheets in Separate Files?

    Will OpenRoads Designer update 2 include the ability to create plan and profile sheets in separate files?  Instead of creating all the plan and profile sheet models and drawing models in a single file. 

    Example:  Plan sheet 1 would include one drawing model…

  • ProjectWise address as a column in view?

    Is there a way to have a column in a view be the full PW address for the file? This would be useful in search results when we're exporting the results list to Excel.




  • Support WMS GetFeatureInfo attribute information

    Why would anybody want WMS GetFeatureInfo functionality in Bentley desktop products? So they can make requests to WMS services and get attribute information via this functionality :)

     Bentley GeoWebPublisher supports this functionality as a WMS server…

  • Video: InRoads Title Block Integration Managed Workspaces ProjectWise XM


    Document Information

    Document Type: Support Video Clip (embedded SWF)

    Product(s): InRoads

    Version(s): V8.9+ 


    This video demonstrates how to create ProjectWise title blocks in InRoads for Plan and Profile Generator and Cross Sections.