• Batch plot PDF in AutoCAD

    It seems like there are a few ways to batch plot PDF files from AutoCAD drawings that are stored in ProjectWise, and none of them seem ideal.  First, there is the Sheet Set Manager, which brings with it quite a bit of performance overhead and allows the…

  • Does ProjectWise have any native reporting tools? (without needing an integration with another tool)

    Thank you in advance


  • Exploring The Possibilities Of Properties [CS]


    This Client Server article is republished in its entirety from 2003 for reference purposes.


    Have you ever wanted to store more information against a DGN file for use later? Is your manager finding it hard to locate files? Would you simply…

  • Filelist macro for Projectwise Excel import/export tool

    I would like to share a Excel macro which I have created for simplifying file import to Projectwise from XLS. This script allows to browse for folder and fill the file list in Excel spreadsheet.

    How to use?

    1. Enable macros in Excel

    2. Open
  • How to create a Custom Property Type

      Product(s): MicroStation
      Environment: N\A
      Area: Properties
      Subarea: Item Types

    How to create a custom Property Type

    A property type is a collection of properties, which can be used by any item type in…

  • How to create a customized network workspace environment

    Product(s): OpenRoads Designer
    Area:  Basic Settings
    Original Author: Holly Herring, Bentley Technical Support Group



    How do I create a customized network workspace environment?


    This document steps…

  • How to place and update fields in MicroStation?

                    Fields are basically self-updating text. A field points to a property of an object and display its value. When the value changes, the text update and show the new value.

    How to place a field:

                    You can place fields using Place Text tool. Select Insert…

  • Important Information for Civil 3d Users

    Civil 3d users are encountering slowness opening files. This is due to the delivery of a file AeccNetwork.dbx that bloats the files.

    This can happen in all versions. It happens in Civil 3d or any vertical using the Civil 3d object enablers.

    Autodesk has…

  • Issue with get-PWDocumentAuditTrailRecords

    Running the function on a test file and getting the following error:-

    ERROR: SQL Statement failed: SELECT [o_audtno], [o_objtype], [o_objguid], [o_objno], [o_action], [o_userno], [o_acttime], [o_comments],[o_numparam1],[o_numparam2],[o_textparam],[o…

  • need examples of circular reference .. Civil 3D with Project Wise


    We are battling to use Civil 3D with Project Wise (Civil 3D versions 2013, 2014 and 2015).

    We experience gradual longer waits for drawings to open as more data shortcuts are created and sometimes the data shortcuts become broken (reason unknown…

  • Populate file properties with this macro

    AskInga logo

    Original Article Date: Febrary 2005

    Updated: February 2011 

    With many thanks to Bentley's Rudi Wells for this VBA macro that populates File > Properties. No doubt you'll all find this useful.

    NOTE:  The following information is applicable…

  • Populate ProjectWise System Attribute value in an Environment attribute

    I want to update value of system attribute STATE in an Environment attribute. For Example If STATE is IN PROGRESS then this should update into an Environment Attribute. I thought System variable will have this value but it is not so it look like I will…

  • ProjectWise Design Integration Update 3.2 Announcement

    ProjectWise Design Integration Server and Admin builds have been removed from Software Downloads. There have been reports of installation issues so the decision was made to pull this version and replace it with an updated version by the end…

  • ProjectWise Explorer Configuration - Toolbars

    Hi all,

    Is there a location where user PW client configurations are stored? In particular, toolbars enabled. Registry or config file?

    We would like to deploy a standard setup in our deployment package where Interface and View toolbars are enabled by default…

  • Projectwise Folder Structure

    We just installed Projectwise and I'm looking for insight on best practices for setting up a folder structure for a Managed WorkSpace environment. We are using multiple design packages including Openroads, OpenBridge, V8i, InRoads as well as Autodesk…

  • ProjectWise Messaging Service and Link to document

    I'm currently using PWSELECTseries 4, (  I am trying to set up messaging services when a document changes a work flow state.  That is actually working good.  However, the email message that gets sent does not have an active link to the…

  • Rules Engine guide

    Does anyone have a copy of the latest Rules Engine guide?

    The version in the Files area is the old one.

    Thank you,