• RE: What is ProjectWise?

    ProjectWise is brand of many products and services.  What's been described so far is ProjectWise Design Integration. It sounds like that's not what you are looking for. If you need a simple file sharing service with file locking, Project Share may be the…

  • Global Program Association Guide for Class Names

         Below you will see Class names for some AutoDesk Application types. These names can be used to create Global Program Associations for a Datasource in the ProjectWise Admin module.

       However, please note: The separate MEP, Architecture and Structure…

  • RE: Convert system.string to .....

    hmmm, I think you need a bit more info on objects and properties.

    In Powershell an object is a type of data. In this case user data. Objects have properties associatied with them. These properties are accessed via dot notation.

    of If you got data on one…

  • RE: Export to excel

    Give this a try

    # Create datatable and add desired columns.
    $dt = New-Object Data.Datatable ('Users')
    $Groups = Get-PWGroupNames
    foreach ($Group in $Groups…

  • need examples of circular reference .. Civil 3D with Project Wise


    We are battling to use Civil 3D with Project Wise (Civil 3D versions 2013, 2014 and 2015).

    We experience gradual longer waits for drawings to open as more data shortcuts are created and sometimes the data shortcuts become broken (reason unknown…

  • RE: Physically print PDF

    I believe this has been a long standing enhancement, to be able to use the "send to printer" when selecting more than one document.

    Have you looked at using InterPlot Organizer?  We use that, in a workflow:  ICS Creates the PDFs, --> Right click…

  • RE: Restrict acces to saved searches


    The ProjectWise Web Server (and web client) is designed to use the same access control mechanisms as ProjectWise Explorer. So users should not see anything different in Web client than they do in the ProjectWise Explorer client(or anywhere else…
  • RE: update reference of version

    There is an Enhancment #587033 filed for legacy versions to be manipulated via a "switch" that can be activated by the admin only
  • Important Information for Civil 3d Users

    Civil 3d users are encountering slowness opening files. This is due to the delivery of a file AeccNetwork.dbx that bloats the files.

    This can happen in all versions. It happens in Civil 3d or any vertical using the Civil 3d object enablers.

    Autodesk has…

  • RE: Attributes in the admin console

    If the old attribute is already used in the datasource, here is a way to copy data over to the new attribute: communities.bentley.com/.../have-you-outgrown-your-environment-four-steps-to-free-your-data
  • RE: Know which group has access to which folder

    I agree. The ability to select a User List or Group in PW Admin and see what PW folders were linked to these groups would be quite useful.
  • RE: Batch processing

    Hi Luc, You need to log onto the ICS server, then in the start menu you should be able to find shortcut for:

    "Bentley i-model Composition Server Configuration" in the start menu.

    Alternativly you can run it directly by finding the <program…

  • RE: Manage views

    A solution to this issue is to ensure that all project folders inherit views from the data source. Go to the project folder properties>Resources>views and then set to inherit. Ensure all the project folders in the tree inherit the views from the folder…
  • RE: Explode a reference

    Reference files are not part of the actual geometry of the active file. The individual elements will not work independently when it is referenced. To get the data into the active file, do as mentioned previously. Merge the file into the master.
  • RE: Explode a reference

    Hi Luc,

    please try the Merge Into Master command. Rightclick on the reference file in the References dialog box and select Merge Into Master or go to Tools (in the same References dialog box) and select this function.

    Hope that helps,