• Dialog Boxes Off Screen

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    When you open a dialog box the dialog box will disappear.  The problem…

  • RE: Can't create/edit Detail styles.

    Hi Dino.

    Thanks for raising your concern on the Bentley Community Forum.

    Are you using multiple screens? If yes, then this dialogue box might be opening somewhere on your secondary screens.
    To avoid this issue, please follow the steps which are mentioned…

  • Can't create/edit Detail styles.


    Has anyone experienced this issue? and a solution to fix it.

    No dialogue box (Detail style) appear after right clicking on Detail centre and selecting create/edit Detail styles.

    Thank you

  • RE: In Groups Drawings Revised

    I would suggest to switch on revision check

    in ProStructure Options. So you can decide in the moment you chnge.

    Also there is Revisionmanagment in Detailcenter you can switch on.

  • RE: Note_2_Group_data_in_Partlist

    Hi Prabhakaran,

    This can be achieved by editing your partlist definition.

    In ProStructures Partlist when you go to Settings > Edit Partlist Definition, it will ask you to select your desired lst file and then it will open in Partlist Editor in new window…

  • RE: PS_Export KISS file

    Hi Daff,

    The shape prefix is hard coded and according to KISS file standards. Are you getting any issue with that?

    To answer your previous question regarding imperial units as output, the explanation is you need to change variable in Part name Tab of…

  • RE: PS_Export KISS file

    Hi Sandip,

    Further to my question above are you able to also answer the following:

    1. What data should be appearing between the commas where the red dots is shown below?

    2. What is driving the field where NONE is highlighted below?

    I have a client that…

  • RE: PS_Export KISS file

    Hi Daff,

    In your last query, the highlighted one at the end "None " is coming from the part Description field.

    When your description field is selected one suitable description one, you will find that in KISS file output

  • RE: PS_Export KISS file

    Hi Daff,

    Drawing No and Revision no can be controlled via Drawing Information Table either via Automatic process when you generate drawings through DC Express or you can put manually in Drawing Information table.

    In DC Express this can be read by FRM…

  • RE: PS_Chain

    Hi Prabhakaran,

    In that case you can create block in Microstation and then can call that block in ProStructures.

  • RE: PS_Chain

    You could look at microstation 3d linestyles to model the chain.

  • RE: PS_Manual_link

    here a thread with more details for settings of joints. Please check in DC options

    to see all joints

  • RE: PS_Manual_link

    Hi Prabhakaran,

    Are you looking for that detail to be created via detail Center Express?

    If so then I don't think so it can be fetched via DC Express.

  • RE: PS_Manual_link

    Hi Prabhakaran,

    In Detail Center settings you need to enable Scan Joints which will then show up your joints created in Model.

  • Prosteel_2d Extraction_Fatal error issue


    In my company, we are using ProStructure V8iSS6-Version

    While doing 2D extraction from 3d model, we get fatal error in long time. kindly suggest the solution.

    Thanks in advance!!!

    K shivashankar.