• SteveMeyer's Blog: Roads and Bridges Conference - 2009

    Since this post was origianlly posted to the DOT Communities Blog, I thought I would include it here as well. 

    Although it was colder in Charlotte than it was in central Iowa, this year's Roads and Bridges Conference was a pleasant surprise. As…

    • Mon, Oct 26 2009
  • SteveMeyer's Blog: Travel and the East Conference

    As a state employee, out of state travel is one of those things that happen rarely. I was able to attend the East Road and Bridge Conference last week in beautiful Hollywood Florida. The day I left, our governor put a moratorium on travel and cancelled…

    • Tue, Dec 23 2008
  • SteveMeyer's Blog: Roll with the Changes

    I was listening to some music and the REO song, Roll With The Changes came on. At that time, I was looking at the BE Communities site at the V8i community and was thinking, what changes are worth "rolling" with? As an Engineering Application Specialist…

    • Mon, Dec 1 2008
  • SteveMeyer's Blog: How about some help for your customers.

     (After a number of requests, I changed the Title to better reflect the issue)


    We are in the process of purchasing new workstations for this fiscal year. We are on a 5 year cycle and end up purchasing 125+ CAD workstations every year. Usually…

    • Wed, Jul 30 2008