• CONNECT - Missing icons

    I've set up Task Navigation using the same DGNLIB that we use for SS3. In CONNECT a number of the icons are missing. How do I get these back?

    This was discussed as part of the EAP and I thought resolved.

  • CONNECT - Attaching Items to Element Templates


    Help says that Items can be attached to Element Templates. I just gave a try and it seems not working - there is no action when I select Item. Can someone confirm this functionality works? Video attached.

    Thanks, Krzysztof

    Click here to play this video

  • CONNECT - Example videos don't show

    When trying the MetroStation examples, the video player opens, but there is no content. I see the video files in "C:\ProgramData\Bentley\CONNECT Edition\Configuration\WorkSpaces\Example\WorkSets\MetroStation\Standards\Videos\".


  • CONNECT - How do I?

    I thought that the idea of CONNECT was that you could connect with other users and share data, etc. I have just done a search of Help fro Connection and Connect with zero hits showing how this is to be done. Could someone point me in the direction of…

  • Connect - material parameters differs in Luxology and MicroStation

    See image below.


    Units: Meters

    Mapping: Parametric

    I get the feeling that the rendering part was hastily added.

    Also troubles with projection mode surface 

  • CONNECT Quick Access Toolbar edits not saving

    I have created custom entries in my Quick Access toolbar by importing them from a V8i dgnlib file.

    They imported fine, and they work. But I can't edit them after the import.

    Can they be edited after importing them ?



  • CONNECT - Snapping (projection lines)

    Hi All

    I am starting to review the new CONNECT version and I was hoping to see some new functionality with the Snapping tools.  In ACAD 2015+ and Revit 2015+ they have this really cool tool that will display a projection line to the available…

  • CONNECT -View Fit All key in?

    What is the key combination for View Fit All? It's 4,5 in SS3.

  • Connect Help doesn't work with Windows 10 browser.

    Connect help doesn't work with Windows 10 EDGE browser.

  • CONNECT text style doesn't use active colour

    I use text styles in which the color flag is not set, so I expect that when I place text the active color is used. When I open the text editor the active text style uses active color = as expected.
    However when I change the text style in text editor the…

  • Connect, Slab changes in SmartSolid when attaching material

    When I attach a material to a slab, with different Variables attached to it, so I can change properties later, it changes to a smart solid. In this case the variables doesn't work anymore.

    Is this a bug / is there a work method where I can attach…

  • How do we get the Connection client to work behind a corporate firewall?

    From the CONNECTION Client FAQ:

    What Bentley (DNS) domains does the CONNECTION Client need to have access to? 

  • Microstation Connect has stopped working (

    Having an issue with new version of Microstation connect ( Uninstalled previous version and installed new copy but every time I start the program I immediately get the 'Microstation Connect has stopped working' dialog.


  • Microstation CONNECT won't install

    As the heading states. I can't install CONNECT.

    The first time I tried, it found the beta, and asked me to uninstall it. I did that and tried again.

    I set a custom location for the files to install to. It failed with the attached log file.


  • Problem Installing Microstation CONNECT Edtion

    I tried to install Mircostation CONNECT Edition using the wizard but there is an error message saying "Check internet connection and restart the setup"

    My internet is working fine and can connect to Bentley.com, etc. There is no proxy on my…

  • RE: CONNECT - Is there a way to disable workspaces & worksets?

    In the V8i and previous version the configuration variable MS_WORKSPACEOPTS allowed various options to disable to workspace capabilities on the MicroStation Manager or File Open dialog box.

  • Removed Features


    Why these have been removed:

    Element Change Time & Element Range from thematic display?

    Clash Detection?

    Schedule Simulation?


  • seed files

    CONNECT comes with new seed files. Are there any significent diffenrences between the seed files of V8i and CONNECT we must take into account?



  • Tasks in Microstation Connect


    From what I can see, the 'Tasks' in previous verions of Microstation, are now replaced by the 'Ribbon' interface/system.

    It seems that any of your existing tasks are converted to Main Menu item 'Tasks', which when selected, presents…