• Andrew Edge

    Andrew Edge began his career at Intergraph in 1988 as a college student working on the distributed printing products that eventually became the ProjectWise InterPlot family. Upon joining Intergraph full-time, Andrew concentrated on the APLOT subsystem…

  • cweber

    CAD Manager at Essential Energy

  • Gina Mazzulla

    In August 2020, Gina returned to a role that allows her to engage more directly with users and accounts around the globe through the design, communication, promotion, and delivery of live and online training, conferences, and special programs across the…

  • hUbS


    Current Role:
    Senior Draftsman


    Cad administration
    Laser Scanning
    Point cloud modelling & analysis

  • Jovan_Djukanovic

    Senior CAD: Rail @ WSP|PB (Parsons Brinckerhoff)

  • Lorys

    I have always been an avid user of microstation since early 90's and started on an intergraph work station using CLIX  to run microstation for the Railways in

    Victoria Australia .

    I have been a keen poster to the ngs and to AskInga ever since I found…

  • Narcis

    From 2007 i am working in the industry of geotechnologies,
    trying to intrude Bentley Products on the Romanian market.
    As part of my work i have to implement, manage and keep Bentley
    trainings and projects inside and outside the company.


  • Neil Ford

    Been working on the outside of Bentley since late 1994 as a MicroStation Reseller for Intergraph, before Bentley took charge. Gravitated to ProjectWise and our first deployments for the same Reseller in 1999 before a move to Bentley and the ProjectWise…

  • Phil Chouinard

    I have been involved with online communications for over 30 years. I first got involved out of curiosity, mainly because I like helping people and noticed that more people could be helped (and even learn) through online channels as opposed to one-to-one…
  • Sheila M

    I have been using CAD since 1989 (Medusa) MicroStation Full time since 1992 Past employers in the U.K. include Freeman Fox, Taymech, Sir Alexander Gibb, London Underground (CrossRail Project Team), Cundall Johnston,Oscar Faber & Rail Link Engineering…