• Bear

    Sean 'Bear' Forward

    Structural Designer

    Engineering Systems Co-Ordinator\Manager

    3D Modeller and Plant Visualization Specialist

    Summary of Experience

    I’ve recently moved back into the design group full time as Lead Structural Designer on…

  • caddcop

    MicroStation user for over 25 Years. InRoads user since it's first version. Actually trained on TDP (Transportation Design Package) on a Vax 11/785.

    Project Manager/Engineer for 1st 100% CADD produced project for Md. State Highway Administration.…

  • Don H. Fu

    I have been writing code at Bentley’s Exton campus since mid-90's.  My primary focus is to support DWG file format and improve DWG compatibility in Bentley’s products.  Anything to do with DWG vs DGN is related to what I do at work and questions…

  • Jan Šlegr

    You can see my profile at Linkedin.

    In addition to my consultancy and development work I am maintaining these web sites:

    Labyrinth Technology is my personal web, in Czech.

    cad.point is my own portal for Czech and Slovak users of Bentley products, written…

  • Jon Summers

    An engineer by training and vocation, I've been designing, developing and testing hardware and software for several decades.  My experience spans several domains...

    • Logic Design & Simulation
    • Digital Integrated Circuit Design
    • Technical Marketing…
  • MaryB

    Heyo! I've been working in the Civil/Transportation field since 1993, using MicroStation from the beginning. I fell in love with the software and have turned a part-time college job into a full-time career. At this point in time, I am working primarily…

  • Shawn McGaffick

    I have been with Bentley almost 15 years. Prior to that I worked for a Bentley reseller for 12 years. I started working as a contractor with IGDS back on the VAX at a Utility in Southern CA. I have done a bit of everything over the years, from programming…

  • stan.white

    worked for various consulting engineering firm as a mechanical project coordinator and project designer, and manager.

    worked as a goverment contractor doing sprinkler system drawing, and documentation, of installed systems.


  • Yongan.Fu

    I joined Bentley in Feb. 2007. Before joining Bentley, I had worked at NCPE(North China Power Engineering, Beijing, China) for about 19 years. I am dedicated in supporting the users' development work based on Bentley products.

    My native language is Chinese…