• RE: Laterally loaded pile simulation on Plaxis 2D.


    The basic errors I have found in your model are mentioned below.

    01. Why the unit weight of the pile is 70 kN.m3? if you use self-weight or any axial loading you need to provide shaft / end resistance to resist that one. Your model provided high…

  • Embedded beam row skin resistance input value clarification

    Hi all and    

    For the embedded beam row, we have provided skin resistance value in the material data set as kN/m based on the length of the pile. Embedded beam row is connected with soil using springs…

  • WSP pile Process in Plaxis 2D

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    Task: I need to model the WSP pile installation in the soil and see the influence zone of it to do the impact assessment. The pressure varies from 2MPa to 20MPa as shown in the table…

  • 14. Pile driving_Tutorial Manual_2020_Page 190-200

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    Sorry if my questions are seemed to be very small things but i need to know the answers that's why i'm asking. My questions are

    01. In the multiplier definition, what is the…

  • Mobilized shear strength and Maximum shear stress in Plaxis 2D

    Hi all,

    I have some doubts and correct me if i'm wrong.

    01. I have found this equation in Plaxis 2D reference manual 2020 in page number 435. Is this equation correct ?

    02. Mobilized shear…

  • Sum Phase Displacement in Plaxis 2D

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    I couldn't understand the concept of this option "Sum phase displacment", Please explain using any other example (not one in reference manual).


  • Tutorial 5: Construction of a road embankment in Plaxis 2D tutorial maual 2020

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    I have 2 questions in this tutorial

    01. For the drain, why the head is defined at 0m as phreatic line at 1m? 

    02. For the normal analysis they used time interval as 2,30 and 1 days…

  • Normal Drain Vs Vacuum Drain in Plaxis 2D

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    Normal drain and vacuum drain both used to reduce the GWT but vacuum drain can reduce lower the provided head. I thought for normal drain we need to apply loading to reduce and for vacuum…

  • RE: Heave check due to soil weight (not heave effect by water movement)

    Any reply please?

    Mr. Rushan , how do you check the heave using soil weight (not water flow) in deep excavations? and did you use plaxis for that?


  • "Forces view" and "Structural forces in volumes" option in the Plaxis 2D output

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    Forces view

    I have read about it in the reference manual. My question is what is the uses of this tool and the result from it for the geotechnical analysis? Please explain with providing…


    Hi Mr. Arun,

    1)Do you know the SPT of the clay, normally for clay Cu can be correlated using 4 to 5 N (where N is the spt values), you can refer the correlations in web also. Further in your country sometimes the particular soil some range values might…


    Mr. Arun,

    The reason for that triangle green colour mark will be some stresses exceed your strength parameters. Do you use clay layers with Su?

    You can see the stress points by looking plastic points plot and stresses.

    For example i provided Su = 15…

  • Load advancement procedure fails. [Error code: 103], Plaxis 2D

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    I have watched webinar regarding errors and i'm still find difficulty to find the reasons for the Load advancement procedure fails. [Error code: 103] (eventhough looking incremental, strain…