• C#, create shape with holes, mdlElmdscr_setProperties

    Hi I've started to develop MS applications in .NET (C#) (I've made a lot of MDL-programming in the past but it doesn't help me in this case). I want to create shape with holes but I can't make the inner shapes look like holes (the solid/hole property…
  • Debugging Native Code MDL Applications problem

    I,m trying to debug my native MDL apps using -ddebug switch on bmake but It doesn't work. When loading my apps from within MS: mdl load debug my_apps It replies: unable to open [path to my_apps.ma] My program consists of DLL and MA files…
  • Develop with C#

    Hi, where I can find a guide for using Microstaion .NET API? I hope there is a file similar to MDLAPIFunctionReference Thanks Best Regards Giuseppe
  • Linking third-party VC library to MDL application

    Hi, I need help in linking a third-party libraries created in VS2005. I need to use some functions in MyLibrary.lib, but have link message and error MyLibrary.lib( MyLibrary .obj) : warning LNK4075: ignoring…
  • MicroStation Elements to WKT-Element

    Hi, I look for a programming library to convert Microstation- Elements into WKT- Elements (Well Known Text) and vice versa. Best would be an open-source library. Thanks for your suggestions, Stefan.
  • Native MDL apps, libraries

    Hi I'm in the progress of moving our MDL applications including our libraries to native code and it works fine. I can see that when I want to send one of the applications to our costumers I need to include the .dll files for our libraries. Is it possible…
  • Project Explorer Link in MDL

    Hi Is there a way to attach project explorer links using MDL or C++ API ? An example would be highly appreciated.. Thanks
  • Simple VC++ sample code

    I'm having trouble locating a good, simple sample project that uses Visual C++ and Microstation. I haven't been able to find any in the SDK samples. I see C# code, but no C++. Is there anywhere else I should look?
  • VB .NET deployment

    Hi I need some help. I've converted an old VB6 application into a VB .NET AddIn. It works fine on my own computer (where it is developed) but I can't make the application work on any other computer. An expression with the following text…
  • VB6 -> VB.NET

    Hi all I need some help. In our company we got several old MS applications developed in VB6 and started via VBA. Now I've converted one of them to VB.NET but I don't know how to start the application (VBA code and required code in VB) in MicroStation…