• [CONNECT] How do you cut multiple slabs with a profile?


    What is the best method to cut a hole through multiple slabs?

    Cut Solid only seems to want to do one at a time.

    Tried creating a group of the slabs, cell etc.

    Uploaded test file shows the required 'holes' in red.

    I'm sure I used…

  • Clearly Through the Fog

    If you have tried using Fog in your Environments you have likely been frustrated with the fact that the visible environment appears crystal clear through the fog instead of being properly obscured by the fog. This problem pretty much rules out getting…

  • Draping Aerial Images on Existing Ground Triangles

    I was previously able to drap an aerial image on existing ground triangles in xm using Descartes and the dcdrape.pal. It appears that this is now built in to V8i without the use of Descartes. I am using V8i SS2, and using what is shown in MicroStation…

  • Select objects through transparency

    In v8i I'm able to select these objects or snap to points along the yellow line THROUGH the glass box.

    In CE it seems I'm not able to do so. What am I doing wrong?

    PS. I have Disable Drag Operations checked in both v8i and CE, but I don't think…

  • Viewing problem

    Hi Friends

    i have two problems last time

    1. if i have open for example two views -  1 and 2   and want to open view 3 - view goes under 1 and 2 -  not on top as always

    ( i don't know if i change something or not ?  or it windows 8.1 problem ?

    2. Second…