• New LumenRT Forum announcement?

    FWIW Since there has been a change made to the Visualization Forum which expects LumenRT questions/discussions to take place in a new location , maybe Bentley should post a sticky announcement to the Visualization Forum explaining this change. Regards…
  • How to Automatically convert to meters when entering feet?

    Hello all! Have a Great of new year? When i performing project, always need to calculate Feet to meter. because *Need to fix meter unit of master Model(Owner don't want to change to feet) So When i drawing line in Microstation distance(Inset…
  • RE: LumenRT - "Scotopic"

    About "save window rect" button: Here "rect" means "rectangle" (which is a diminutive used by developers but should probably not appear in a user interface). Pressing the button will record the current position and size of the LumenRT window, inside the…
  • RE: LumenRT - "Scotopic"

    Hi Max, Indeed this setting is not obvious and should be documented. Scotopic vision is the vision of the eye under low-light levels. In these conditions, the human eye is more sensible to blue color, and this settings simulates this phenomenon. The effect…
  • RE: Export view animations to LumenRT

    Hi Max, Here are the steps I used to get both of your animations into a single LumenRT file: In MicroStation the SOUTH-NORTH script was active in the Animation Producer Export to LumenRT In LumenRT rename Imported Clip, (I renamed it NS) Save…
  • RE: [LumenRT] How do we recall a Microstation saved view ?

    Max Voigt said: how accurate will the resultant Imported Clip view be in LumenRT? Hi Max, My experience has been that the camera is positioned correctly, but the focal length is wrong. The camera in LumenRT appears to have a crop factor of about…
  • RE: Revit Material Definition

    Try creating external palette and material files. Loading them, and then unloading the local palette. Michael.
  • RE: LumenRT Content Not Loading - Fix

    In the Software Downloads do the following: Click Clear All Select LumenRT from the Brand list
  • RE: Sketchup 2018

    Hi Max, Sketchup 2018 support will be in CONNECT Edition Update 11 which means very soon ;-) Cheers, Jerry
  • LumenRT

    Could someone please let me know where to find the latest edition of LumenRT as demonstrated in the SIG last month? Fulfillment has a version released in May. Thanks, Max