• Setting Up in the Real World – GeoReferencing Update

    This article is an update of the earlier Setting Up in the Real World – GeoReferencing piece with a slightly simplified workflow to create the transformed GCS and using different example data.


    The accuracy of 3D modelling operations can…

  • How to link to a file in ProjectWise on a webpage

      Product(s): ProjectWise Client V8i
      Area:  General
      Original Author: Bentley Technical Support Group


    Link to a file in Projectwise on a webpage
    I would like to link from an HTML internal website to a document…

  • Set-PWUserWorkingDirectory bug

    Set-PWUserWorkingDirectory actually checks if the working directory you're setting for the user exists on the local machine.

    If I'm changing a working directory for another user, the directory I'm changing it to NEVER exists on the local machine.…

  • Re: ProjectWise Workflows

    Another thing to keep in mind is that the folder itself will change States as well. The folder State will always be the same State as the lowest State of any of its documents. This can be confusing depending on the permissions you have applied in the Workflow…

  • Workflow state on document move

    When I move a document that is in a specific workflow state from one folder to another, then the state is reset to the first state of the workflow attached to the destination folder.

    This happens even if the source and destination folders are attached…

  • Get-PWDocumentsBySearch : Not logged in as a ProjectWise Administrator.

    When running a simple 'Get-PWDocumentsBySearch' command
    $Docs = Get-PWDocumentsBySearch -SearchName "$ProjectFolderPath\$pdfSearchName" -filename '%.pdf' -GetAttributes

    I now get an error, which I never used to get before