• [CE12] Titleblocks and Tags

    I was reading through the CONNECT online help and I noticed that Tags are now considered deprecated. I previously used Tags in my Titleblocks however I am now left wondering what users are now utilising instead for titleblock text?

    Also, when I was last…

  • Benching template questions

    I am benching from the top down. The side slope seeks intersection 2 feet below grade and then back up to grade. Then I need to bench from the top down and intersect the line 'Bench Target'. Can an end condition target another component in the template…

  • CELLTOOL and STEEL Soon to be Available for MicroStation CONNECT Edition Users

    Following up on the requests of some of our users, we made the CELLTOOL and STEEL MDL apps available for MicroStation CONNECT Edition and will soon be available for download.

    In MicroStation CONNECT Edition, you can access these tools from:

    Utilities …

  • Digitizer replacement

    . I just received a Windows 10 workstation and I currently run Bentley's Microstation V8i SelectSeries4, using the software pulldown menus. I was using a digitizing table with a digitizer controller. The model of the table is ALTEK ACT 36048-3NBI0, it…

  • Display Hidden Models

      Product(s): MicroStation
      Version(s): V8i, CONNECT Edition
      Environment: N\A
      Area: Models
      Subarea: N\A


    A DGN file contains a lot of empty levels that can not be deleted. Compression and cleaning does not help.



  • Enhancement 888957:Critical priority Need to display and annotate all crossing features on a profile

    Hi Bentley Development Team,

    Can any body from Bentley confirm that the Enhancement 888957 has done or not?

  • Geopak SS4 with Microstation V8i SS10 Error

    Installed the newly released Microstation V8i SS10 with Geopak SS4 but getting an error similar to another post about Inroads and Microstation SS10. Will there be a Geopak release that's compatible with this new Microstation V8i…

  • georeferenced PDFs

    So I do get behind now that I'm working for myself. I remember several years back Adobe and Bentley formed a corporate alliance (?), so I thought great, now I can use those georeferenced USGS quads right in my design file. All my stuff is georeferenced…

  • gINT Collector for Apple iPhone or iPad

    I'm curious when (and if) Bentley is planning to release gINT Collector for Apple products through the App Store?

    All of the field tablets we have are iPads, so we'll either need to wait for gINT Collector to become available for Apple products, or…

  • gINT Mobile - iPad or tablet

    Is there a mobile (iPad) application planned for gINT in a near future? 

  • gINT software opening


    I have a problem with opening the gINT software (to create logs), an error message opens every time i try : 

    Someone can help me?

    thank you in advance for your help

    Chloé CARDOT

    Golder associates


  • Inputting data in the field - quickly and efficiently

    Our organisation would like to input our borehole logs in the field using gINT.  We currently use an excel spread sheet and import the data into gINT. the data inputting is longhand and can take a while.

    Is there a quick method to input data using a tablet…

  • is downloading any software from cloud service chargeable?

     I have downloaded Plaxis 2D from Bentley cloud service and tried to use it, will it be chargeable, if yes pls. let me know the charges.



  • Is there an SDK for gINT?

    At my agency, we have two custom tools that read the gINT database and created graphics for plans. Both were customized to fit different department needs. Since beginning our migration to Open Roads Designer  CONNECT Edition, we have learned that reading…

  • MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 14 ( - models not listed

    The Recent Files list doesn't show models any more?

    Note that I've removed the project information & thumbnails from the screenshot.

  • MicroStation V8i - Select by Attributes - Show only used levels

    How do I show only used levels in the Select By Attributes dialog box?  In the image on the left all the levels are being displayed and in the image on the right only the levels that have elements are being displayed and I'm trying to figure out how this…

  • MXRoad benching slope excavation for existing road


    How to design earthworks that same as attached photo. Benching slope excavation for existing embankment. And quantity needs to define cutting and filling.

  • Pick center of text field, not only of the individual lines

    When moving texts I often want to place them right in the center of another object, e. g. a rectangle.

    When manipulating objects like circles, ellipses, rectangles, polygons etc. I can pick their very center.
    If texts span over more than one line I can…

  • User wants to be able to use an Environment Variable for Raster Images

      Product: MicroStation
      Version: V8
      Environment: N\A
      Area: Configuration
      Subarea: General


    User wants to be able to use an Environment Variable so when someone attaches a raster image that it will not matter if the user is…

  • What is BIM? ADSK v. Bentley

    ...circa 2003.

    Time doth flies. Looking back over 15+ years, it is interesting to see which concepts and issues still apply today.

    1. Open data formats:

    • DWG was encrypted, but there are now third party API's. New functionality is being developed mainly…