• Bentley Learn Server - SLOW

    Does anyone else experience crazy wait times for the Learn Server to load just a list of tutorials? It's quite brutal to try to move through training when 75% of the time is spent waiting for a list to load. This is not an exaggeration. Total tutorial…

  • RE: Slection Hide

    Keyins and making a tool or popping on a function key might be an idea. 

    Isolate - displayset add;displayset set

    Hide - displayset add;displayset remove

    For this one, you need to run the Isolate first then all further hides will operate. 

    Click here to play this video

  • How Bentley are shooting themselves in the foot

    I spent some time thinking whether to write a reaction to older discussions) about MicroStation SDK availability and recent steps leading to closing of “a world of MicroStation programming”. Originally, I thought about “What is Bentley long term strategy…

  • Re: Edit Mechanical Component

    The Apply Part tool is incorporated into the Change Attributes set of tools in the Main Tool box found at the top of the Task Interface. Select the tool and check the Tool Settings, I always recommend turning on Apply Part's Default Symbology and