• aaparker

    Arbie is a ProjectWise Professional Services Consultant at Bentley, focusing in on Bentley’s core platform technology for document management and plotting. Arbie has over 19 years of experience with Plotting and 15 years of ProjectWise experience, and…

  • Dinesh Solanki

    AutoPLANT and OpenPLANT support for Bentley systems

  • Jeff Matlack

    Jeff Matlack

    Senior CADD Manager | Bentley Software and Licensing

    Greater Philadelphia Bentley User Group Officer


    Main: 877 627 3772 | Direct: 445 444 7316

    1000 Waterview Drive Suite 201 | Hamilton, New Jersey 086…

  • Kevin


  • Lijuan Zhu

    Lijuan Zhu

  • Phil Chouinard

    I have been involved with online communications for over 30 years. I first got involved out of curiosity, mainly because I like helping people and noticed that more people could be helped (and even learn) through online channels as opposed to one-to-one…
  • Steve Cocchi

    Bentley employee for 15+ years, covering Mechanical and Visualization for two years, Building and Plant for three years, and focusing on Building products only for the past ten years.

  • Thex1138

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  • tim.poth

    I work for Bentley Systems as a Senior Priority Response Analyst primarily supporting ProjectWise.