• Comment on FAQ - ProjectWise Application Integration for Revit

    FAQ version 1.4 posted 10/26/2016 updated the integrated Revit versions.
  • ProjectWise Design Integration CONNECT Edition Compatibility List

    The ProjectWise CONNECT Edition Compatibility List has been moved to docs.bentley.com. You may also find this information in the corresponding readme files delivered in the individual product specific download. https://docs.bentley.com/LiveContent/web…
  • lag at remote locations

    Hello, Is it common for the remote locations to be 5 times slower than the office where the main server is? I mean... Copy Out takes five times longer. I guess the difference, if any should be up to 3 times slower - yes?
  • AutoCAD and ProjectWise and Raster Intergration

    I have a user that is using AutoCAD and ProjectWise. He wants to have it where his raster images are being checked in and out when he opens and closes his DWG file. I gave him the following information. He wants to know if he needs an AutoCAD integration…
  • Projectwise V8i (SELECTseries 4) Web Server支持sharepoint 2013和IE11

    2015年3月发布的Projectwise V8i (SELECTseries 4) Web Server支持 sharepoint 2013和IE11的集成。 Projectwise SS4的版本,只是支持到IE10和sharepoint 2010. 这次发布的Web Server模块可以支持IE10、IE11和sharepoint 2013,来满足更多用户的需求。 详细需求和支持版本: 操作系统: Windows…
  • RE: Microsoft Office 2013 breaking MicroStation??

    My company recently started deploying Office 2013 and I've been seeing this issue a lot ever since. I found out that the Office 2013 install either removes or deletes a file called "capicom.dll", which is located in the "C:\Windows\System32" folder. Running…
  • SharePoint 2013 Support for ProjectWise Web Parts

    Can you please advise when you expect that ProjectWise Web Server and web parts will support SharePoint 2013 sites. Thanks, Neil Boughey
  • autocad xref not browsing PW datasource

    using pw integration with autocad 2014 and 2015. After opening a DWG (using PW integration) then starting DMSXREF to reference another DWG from PW, some users get a PW datasource file browser but most users get a Windows file browser. Is there a setting…
  • RE: ProjectWise V8i (SELECTseries 4) Integration Module for AutoCAD 2015

    Thanks Phil, I appreciate the help. Still no dice. This site is incredible hard to navigate. The AutoDesk site is so much easier. Click on their support page, pick the program, and there is a list of service packs, add ons etc.. Even with your step…
  • RE: Automatic update server copy from Word

    I found out the reason for this behavior now :-) The users audit trail settings did not allow for her to make comments on check-in. That explained both behavior 1 and 2 in my original question.
  • RE: Trimble Business Center connection

    I figured out that I needed ProjectWise Web Services Gateway. Fairly easy setup after that. Couldn't make it run on the web server as advertised but standalone it work the first time. Hope this helps others.
  • Comment on ProjectWise V8i (SELECTseries 4) Integration Module for InDesign CS6

    This is the first time Integration with InDesign has been released, we currently have no plans for supporting earlier versions.
  • RE: ProjectWise Document Security

    Yes, you have given the user access to the document, specifically delete access, so they would have the rights to delete it. not giving them access to the folder only prevents them from browsing the folder structure itself, but as you can see, that doesn…
  • Bentley US Offices closed on Friday, July 4

    Our offices are closed for Independence Day . We will have some operations in place during this time, although those will be running on a somewhat limited basis.