• How to set Datasource security for the root / top folder ?


    I need to change 250+ datasource parameters for the security of the root folder.

    Manually, I go to pw administrator, select my project/datasource, right-click Properties, then edit 'folder security' and 'document security'

    Can i…

  • Import-PWDocuments error codes and shortened path


    I recently use Import-PWDocuments to import huge folders (275000 files, about 700 Gb)

    It worked quite well but i had 3 different issues,

    • The script send me different warning of some files (12 files)  who were not imported , do you have these 3…
  • Import-PWDocuments not working as expected

    #Needs 32bit verion of powershell
    #This needs the PWPS_DAB module which is installed on the PWZ server. Also, please update the source code in TFS.
    Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted;
    Import-Module -Name pwps_dab;
    function emptyLogFile…

  • Is there a powershell command to get ODBC name of datasources


    is there a PowerShell command to get the ODBC name for a specific (or all) datasource ?

    I found a command that give me the details of datasource and the fact that it's an ODBC datasource, but I can't find a way to get the ODBC name


  • Is there a way to index only PDF and Office files


    I have some datasource with hundred of different extension files I do not want to index with the full text document processor.

    Is there a way to configure with Projectwise administrator (or other solution ) the Document processor / full text to…