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  • MicroStation Connect Update 10 - Attach material problem


    In MicroStation Connect Beta x til Update 10, materializing a, for example, solid does not react like it should be (see screenrec). If a material is attached to a solid, many often it's not shown. Also the projection doesn't work like it should be…

  • Comment on Link element properties from objects to Excel

    I presented a large scale project that utilised Item Types and Display Rules, my client was very impressed, amongst other things he asked about how easy it is to update the values and also adding additional data sets, he was not very happy about the amount…

  • Comment on Bentley View CE

    Hi Makai,

    great news. Thanks for sharing,

    I trust you will check the capabilites and of TrueView, Design Review and the DGN plugin for those. For a 2D file review process it is crucial to have Redlining(Markup). Not only that CE Navigator is not free …

  • Comment on Bentley View CE

    Hi Makai

    That is very good news indeed, and good to see that Bentley are lisening to their users.

    Since Bentley View connect is coming out i would like to mention a tool that has been requested many times from users / clients. The ability to have a sectioning…

  • MicroStation CONNECT - Tips to speed up pefromance

    Buried in a different thread Bob Rayner gave some tips to improve the performance of MicroStation CONNECT Edition. I thought it would be a good idea to pull out those tips and start another discussion thread specifically for performance tips.

    Fom Bob…