• [CONNECT C++] Link problem with Win32 libs

    A C++ project built successfully with CONNECT Update 4 SDK is failing to link correctly with CONNECT Update 5 SDK.  The problem concerns Win32 libraries (despite the name, these really are 64-bit Windows libraries — complain to Microsoft if you believe…

  • [V8i C# MDL] How do I marshal a MDL structure in C#

    I'm trying to pass two stuctures to the mdPattern_addAssociative2 function in C#. The structures are the PatternParams and DwgHatchDefLIne. I have the following defined:

    [StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential, CharSet = CharSet.Ansi, Pack = 1)]

  • RE: Copy out document aaApi_giveoutdocument & aaapi_fetchdocumentfromserver


    In my early days of consulting, a mentor told me that the "right" answer to any question a client might ask, particularly if they include the phrase, "the best", or something similar, was "It depends."

    The "best way…