• Export data from Hammer and use it in ِِAutopipe

    I have a water network project PVC pipe material. However, we will do the water hammer study on "Hammer" to add the appropriate vessel and relief valves. ِAlso a pipe stress analysis is needed, however I need to extract data from the hammer simulation…

  • What circumstances would a vertical factor other than the default of 0.5 apply?


    My team is curious what circumstances would one apply a vertical factor to seismic loading other than the default of 0.5. Are there any code and/or recommended practices that govern?

    Thank you!

  • RE: Time History Post Processing Results

    Thanks for your reply.
    Setting the start time at each point does not work. It's not like water hammer or slug flow where the unbalanced force travels down the pipe and the load starts rising then dropping at different times at points along the…
  • RE: Time History Post Processing Results


    This seems to be an interesting scenario. Unfortunately, I think it is currently not possible for AutoPIPE to report maximum stress from a user specified time range. Do you think setting the Start time on the Time History Location dialog for each…
  • E732-2: Angle is 180 deg. at bend xxx message in AutoPIPE

    Applies To
    Product(s): AutoPIPE,
    Version(s): ALL
    Environment: N/A
    Area: error
    Original Author: Bentley Technical Support Group


    The following is displayed when I am inserting a bend in my model: