• RE: STAAD.Pro and SNiP code question

    The combinations has to be created by the user. Selecting the design code does not add those by itself. However there are certain predefined load combination rules as per specific design codes in STAAD.Pro, which the user can make use of to generate the…
  • RE: OPM SS5 reporting for Spec sheets

    Hello Shawn,

    Based on your input we have created a Change Request S-102486. This will undergo evaluation by the development team.

    Thanks for your input,


    Rahul Kumar

  • RE: Nested DataGroup objects

    I'm not aware of any way to have nested DG data appear in DG Explorer - only the top-level data is exposed.

    Of course, that doesn't mean that some clever user hasn't found a way to accomplish the desired end result using some other method... …


    Would it be possible to add the AWS welding symbols to the "Standard" pull-down in the current Place Welding Symbol tool?  We use the following symbol for staggered welds and cannot find it in the current tool.

    We think it is an excellent and…