• Maximum Spread

    Hello all,

    In my project maximum allowable spread is 9.5 ft and the calculated spread are little bit high.And as I know the spread is calculated at the upstream of inlet before any flow captured. But in reality the flow is continiously captured when it…

  • RE: Maximum Spread

    If your allowable spread is 9.5 ft and the software predicts a catchbasin spread that is more than this, then you would consider that the spread is too high. As previously discussed (and seen in the link Yashodhan provided), the spread reported at th…

  • RE: Relation between flow, capacity design flow and diameter

    Hello Hari, 

    Capacity design is the total flow carrying capacity of the pipe for given diameter and flow is actual flow through the pipe at given circumstances. Since your pipe is not flowing, flow actual is less than flow capacity design. 

    Please read…

  • RE: Minimum efficiency on grade

    Hello Hari,

    If you are not designing "Inlets" in your model then this constraint is not applicable to it. If you are designing inlets then the minimum efficiency will be considered. However, gutter width and spread are parameters which are independent…

  • RE: Terrain Model

    Hello Hari, 

    Two terrain models cannot be active at the same time, elements can take elevations from only one terrain model at the moment. 

  • RE: StormCAD

    Hello Hari,

    The function of the gutter element in StormCAD is to carry the excess flow from the catch-basin downstream. When designing road side drainage, you can model the gutter shape for capture in the catch-basin properties. In the gutter properties…

  • RE: StormCAD - gutter geometry setup

    Hello Hari,

    I believe that the model ("working_part1") you posted in this particular thread ("gutter geometry setup"), was answered in another thread, "element disconnection notifications". Please see Scott Kampa's post in the…

  • RE: Gutter

    The two conduits that have a headwall on each end are labeled as "STREAM E-1 (A)" and "CHAN-1" - are these actually culverts with headwalls, or do they represent streams/channels?

    Do you have two culverts that both have their own separate…

  • RE: StormCAD - Inroads import issues

    Hello Hari, 

    1.      From your description, I assume you want to convert transition elements into end walls i.e. headwall elements in StormCAD. If yes then you can convert these                       transition elements into headwall using tool Batch morph. 


  • RE: StormCAD

    Hello Hari,

    This simply means that you have an on-grade catch basin without a gutter attached to it. If you compute the model and there is bypass flow at the catch basin, the flow will not be applied to the downstream catch basin, as it would if there…

  • StormCAD


    I am trying to import inroad storm and drainage file in stormCAD but every time it says the file is currently in use or is invalid.How can I solve this?