• How Bentley are shooting themselves in the foot

    I spent some time thinking whether to write a reaction to older discussions) about MicroStation SDK availability and recent steps leading to closing of “a world of MicroStation programming”. Originally, I thought about “What is Bentley long term strategy…

  • Bentley Developer Network

    I've tried to join the Bentley Developer Network but I am still getting a "Membership Pending" message when I try to access it.

    Any idea how long it takes to get access or if there could be a problem with the process?




  • Re: [V8i VBA] Assign Keyboard Arrow Keys to VBA form buttons.

    Windows Messages

    When you press a key on your computer, you generate a Windows message. That message is routed to the currently active application.

    The above is out of MicroStation's control. It's out of the control of any normal Windows application…

  • How do I access a ProjectWise file property from Microstation VBA

    Does anyone have any insight as to how I would access a ProjectWise file property via Microstation VBA? I want use Microstation VBA to generate a drawing description from a set of title block tags, and insert that into the ProjectWise file properties description…