• RE: Bulk Import error

    Hello Sue,


    If you do use range option it's a must to have all columns filled.


    You can use single column mapping option (see screenshot bellow) and specify more than one column by separating them using commas. Using this configuration you can leave…

  • Comment on eB Information Manager SELECTseries 5 (16.3.1) Readme

    Hi Sue, I just tested the download + extract + open on my Windows 8.1 computer and it works there. Did you save the CHM locally or somewhere on your network? CHMs can only be opened from your local computer, it's just the nature of CHMs. Also, is it possible…

  • Dynamic Document Security

    Hi folks,

    I would like to be able to set the security on a document dynamically. For example as a document progresses through a workflow it would be good if the security on it could be set via an extended behaviour .

    I assume in 15.6 this would require…