• Apply Permission to folders

    I can apply permissions to folders using the Import Permissions on the access Control Tab in ProjectWise Explorer

    I can do a search and get a selection of folders that I want to apply this new security template to.

    But I can only import to one folder…

  • List of folder having inheritance break

    Can we get a list of folders where the inheritance break

    Over the time of a project, especially some early one, we may have break the inheritance due to specific request.

    It was easier to grant that access that trying to redo the whole security matrix

  • ProjectWise Design Integration Update 3.2

    With the this release we are Building upon the initial releases and expanding the capabilities of ProjectWise Design Integration.

    What’s New in ProjectWise Design Integration Update 3.2, version

    Updated Application Support

    This version…

  • ProjectWise Integration Module for AutoCad & Civil 3D 2019 Released

    ProjectWise Integration Module for AutoCad/C3D 2019 - Released for:

    • Version:
    • ProjectWise Design Integration Explorer

    ProjectWise Design Integration improves collaboration within distributed organizations through the use of…

  • ProjectWise Version Attributes

    Hello All,

    After upgrading our datasource and Explorer clients to XX.3.140, we have noticed a very odd occurrence when populating custom built document attributes:

    Once you make a selection or change in the field(s), it will 'strikethrough' on the header…

  • Set-PWFolderOwner

    can we make suggestion here?

    For Set-PWFolderOwner, it would be very useful to allow list of folder ID in the argument -inputFolder

    example Set-PWFolderOwner -InputFolder 123;45;789;528


    if someone has a suggestion to mimic this in a simple few lines…

  • Update-PWFolderSecurity replaces all existing security

    Hello scripting guy!

    Hope this finds you well. 

    I noticed, "Update-PWFolderSecurity" replaces all existing security groups in a folder instead of updating/adding just the one defined in the cmdlet run. For example, if a folder "Test" had three groups …