• RE: What is actually a "Graphic Group"?

    Some would like to know use cases to then decide whether they are applicable for them

    For example, using a Named Group to populate a Display Set.  Now you can control the display of that NG.

    Update: I see that you already mentioned…

  • Be Communities Ideas

    I think the Ideas Forum is a great idea!

    If I want to point someone towards a particular Idea, I would like to provide a link (or URL).  However, I notice that wherever you are in the Ideas Forum, the URL is always the same: communities.bentley.com/..…

  • [Ideas] What does Idea 'shipped' mean?

    The Ideas Forum is popular.  We can post an idea and others can vote for it.  Bentley staff can change an idea's status to one of Needs Review, Future Consideration, Already Exists, Planned, Will Not Implement and Shipped.  Those are mostly self-explanatory…

  • RE: What is this "create new login" to vote for Ideas?

    I meant Ian Lapper

    : on these Forums, you can type @User Name.  It's not clear whether User Name receives a notification.

    i am guilty as charged

    You're gracious to admit your guilt  8-)

  • A TrueType font library that provides drafting and other CAD symbols

    Some time ago I posted this Idea.  The Ideas Forum has been updated and shows a post date 27-Jan-21, which is the date that the Forum was updated, not the date that I created that idea. 

    That Idea also shows my suggestion to be shipped.  If that is the case…