• - Defining a custom coordinate system (V8i)

    NOTE:  This article is specific to V8i.

    MicroStation includes the ability to define a geographic coordinate system, and Bentley Map provides the tools to create and edit a new geographic coordinate system (GCS), ellipsoid or datum in a user defined library…

  • "NOT LIKE" operator

    Is there any way to effect a "NOT LIKE" or "NOT IN" operator when defining thematic labeling or symbology?

  • Activate/Deactivate References with Bentley Map

    We are trying to activate/deactivate reference files in V8i.  It works fine in Microstation, but when you load Bentley Map these tools are greyed out and are no longer available tools.  Why?

  • Bentley Map Enterprise (SS2) and Oracle 11g

     I have been playing around with Bentley Map Enterprise v8i (SS2) with our Oracle Server.  The tables on my Oracle server are built from MapInfo TAB files (using MapInfo EasyLoader Utility), and a script is run to fix the SRID and USER_SDO_GEOM_METADATA…

  • Bentley Map example "Webstore" question

    The "Webstore Store" example contains a "richtext" dialog item labeled "Review" that appears to be displaying unicode when expecting multibyte text. I've looked in the source and found the defintion for the "Review EditBox". When using xfmDialog_setDialogItemParam…

  • Changing Database Name in Geospatial Administrator possible?

    Hi all,

    I have setting up our project in Geospatial Administrator using an Oracle database which currently working now, but the database administrator adviced the GIS Dept to transfer to another database. What shall we do for us to use the same project…

  • Custom placement methods

    Is there a way to add additional placement methods to a feature that would automatically set the values of certain attributes?

    I'm trying to simplify our data entry where I can. A simple example: The normal place command typically shows a form and then…

  • Date Browser Filter and Thematic Map Issues with Dates

    I have a project where feature areas have a start/end date.  Trying to add a filter for the Start Date say > 1/12/2011 show no entries.


    Similarly, trying to setup thematic maps based on a date only work for the = operator.  For instance, determining…

  • Does dgn2sdo run as scheduled task ?


    I've set up a batch file mytask.cmd

    containing several lines like


    dgn2sdo ...

    call masterload.bat

    dgn2sdo ...

    cal masterload ...


    It runs pretty well if I activate it in a console window, but I'd like to run it as a scheduled task…

  • Holes in shapes do not work when importing from shapefiles

    Hi all

    When we import a shape file into Bentley Map SS1 holes are getting "filled".

    A simple test:

    See the attached dgn file.

    1) On level "Original - with hole" I have made a simple shape with a hole.

    2) I then export it to a…

  • How to delete newly created feature classes?

    How do you delete newly created feature classes?  For example:  If I were to do a buffer on a feature class, it creates a new feature class to my map.  I can then "remove" it from my active map layers, but it still resides "Project > Feature Classes…

  • How to migrate Access database project to Oracle database

    Deal all,

    We just aquired Bentley Map select series 1. We have data from Microstation geographics project with Access as our database. We undertand Bentley Map supports Oracle database of which being used by our MIS Dept.( Management Information System…

  • Importing/exporting kml files


    I was wondering if someone can test a quick import/export worfklow for me.  I have lots of 3D buildings that come in the form of a KML file.  So, each building has its own KML file & DAE file (Building_1.kml, Building_1.dae).  What I would like…

  • Is this a bug on Bentley Geospatial administrator on Date and Dateticks for database?

    Hi Jerry and Bentley experts

    I have setup my features in Bentley Map administrator with Dateticks as one of the properties using the standard workflow. Using Oracle 10g as my database and 11g as client with no problem communicating them. Normally, afler…

  • Locate or select element by primary key

    Does anyone know of a way to locate or select a specific feature element by its primary key in Map?

     In our environment we refer to a specific feature element by the primary key when communicating an issue with one another as it frequently is the only…

  • Need help in joining tables

    Hi all,


    I was having trouble with joining tables (sometimes working with other table, sometimes not) I hope someone could help me this;

    I was joining two feature tables together (Oracle database properties not Oracle spatial) using Bmap join capability…

  • Oracle NULL vs empty string

    I'm pulling data from Oracle Spatial. I'm trying to define three label classes similar to the following:

    - where some_column != "value"

    - where some_column = "value" and other_column is null

    - where some_column = "value"…

  • Resymbolization using GSA and setting Criteria. (Property Based Symbology)


    When we first set up GSA it was with Map XM. We set up GSA to resymbolize polygons according to specific criteria. It worked fine (one of the few things that worked in Map XM by the way).

    Now we're using Enterprise Map Select Server 2. Using a copy of…

  • Save/Write Thematic Symbolisation result to DGN file

    I am trying to save/write the results of a thematic symbolisation to DGN file, but cannot find in the help files or elsewhere how to do this.  Can anyone assist? (Map SS1

  • XFM Example - How do I use VBScript to format latitude and longitude values

    These files explain how to use VBScript to format latitude and longitude decimal values into NEWS format.  A sample project is provided.

    The project also shows how to capture the X and Y position of the feature being placed.

    I hope to provide more of…