• Bentley Map V8i paper scale setting??

    I am working with map files in V8 XM and will be switching to Map V8i later this year.  All of our current map .dgn files are set with a certain paper map scale (ie. 500,000).  In my current configuration when I open the coordinate system dialog box I can…

  • Cells, why not Annotation Cells?

    A cell is an element composed of group of child elements. Cells can be composed and placed from a cell library. Cell libraries are especially useful for repetitive placement. MicroStation provides various types of cells that can be used based on the…
  • Centroid und Feature Collection

    Good day

    I've worked with Geographics with texts (centroid) and Boundary. It was a clean line network. The factual data could be transferred quickly to changing boundary. As far as I know Bentley Map is now working more area oriented. I work with Bentley…
  • converting to Civil 3D files?


    we gotta do a utility design job for a huge development. We are planning to use our Bentley products to do so. Our client wants a workable file after we finish because he wants to continue updating our model in Civil 3D to create his "as built…

  • dgn2sdo imports circles as lines


    I have a serious problem which a hope is due my ignorance.

    My circles and ellipses  import when I specify IN_GEOM_TYPE=LINE and skips any lines on the same layer.

    I've set up a test file containing i circle, i line string and one shape, all on level…

  • Export Shapefile in MS - Attribute names to 10 chars restricted?

    Hi everyone,

    i was trying to export my XFM-Data from a DGN to a Shape file via the Interoperability tool in Microstation v8i (with Bentley Map extension).
    That worked so far as a Shape with a dbf file was created, but the names of my XFM attributes…

  • Export To Gis Data Types


    We use PowerMap V8i to export dgn file til Tab files (Mapinfo)

    If a DGN file contains cells and we then use the function "Export"  - "GIS Data Types" and choose "Add to Directory" then  the TAB file name will be the same…

  • Feature property

    Is it somehow possible to define feature in Geospatial Administrator that automatically changes it's value during reset operation in Bentley PowerMap?

    Explanation:I have feature defined under All Users of Project, i will call it "FEAT". I have five…

  • Fence Delete Clip does not work with features.


    I wonder why "Fence Delete Clip" does not works. I get a message "No Elements Found"

    Second I wonder why   "Fence Copy to File" and Fence Move to File" strip of the features informations from the graphic, so the files are plain…

  • FME problem

    Is it possible to use FME extension in Bentley MAP SS3 ?

    After installing Bentley MAP standalone File -> Export -> FME is inactive

  • How to export/save map with clipped references


    We are designing (re-designing) a map production system. Previosly it was build on plain MicroStation but now we are using Bentley Map. In the end we need to export the finished map to a single dgn file (see image).

    The active model contains the…

  • I need to create Property Based CELLS for use in XFM/BM, is this possible????


    Is it possible to create Property Based CELLS and if, how??





  • Import additional data to dgn


    I have imported ESRIi data from an outside source into a dgn file (no data base in use ) and I can easily access all of the information that was part of the import.

    This is quick way for me to utilize GIS data on my Cad projects but In this particular…

  • Is there anyway to export dgn text elements to TAB text

    Hi all

    Is there anyway to export dgn text elements to Mapinfo TAB format text without changing the dgn text element to xfm features???

    "Quick and dirty export"



  • Native vs Inferred Feature Question for Bentley Support

    Jeff or others,

    We're using the latest version of Map SS3 and Access through ODBC on Windows 7 and we're experiencing some unexpected/undesirable bahaviour with (as an example) Group Holes. NB. It may also be happening with other element types…

  • New to Map Enterprise / Schema questions

    Old Microstation 95 developer here . Our office is in the midst of upgrading from 95 to Map Enterprise/ Descartes. We're still very confused about Geospatial Admin / Schema. I'm less concerned with creating a schema and more concerned with how to use…

  • Possible to define single XFM feature for point-cell and point-text features?

    I have a shapefile that contains some features I'd like to map to point-cell XFM features, and other features that I'd like to map to point-text FM features (so I can use PBA).  I would really rather not create two separate XFM features, which…

  • unlocking after post

    After we post updated features to Oracle Spatial, the features are typically unlocked. Recently, we've seen that changed features are not always unlocked afterwards.

    Is there a setting for this that we could have changed on accident?


  • XFM project examples required

    Is anyone prepared to share examples of XFM project files? I would appreciate being able to drill into Geospatial project files to see how they work. The geo_example provided does not cover the points I am interested in and the Help files can be a bit…