• RE: LumenRT - Disappointment

    Hi Max,

    It seems the bit for transparency is flipped wrong in the DAE file. You are in luck in that it is any easy edit to fix. Open the DAE file in WordPad and use Find and Replace to replace all the "transparency">1.000000 to be "transparency">0.000000…

  • RE: LumenRT - Disappointment

    Hi Max,

    Adding more characters is on our list, you should see more content with every update we are working on this. In the meantime if you need some content you can get it into to LumenRT using several tools.I especially like the free models from Archibase…

  • RE: [CE] Task Menus - What does Bentley Consider to be the Connect Replacement

    Hi Chuck,

    I agree a move to new interface can easily be the most complex and painfuil part of the migration, especially when a former customization is complex.

    I do not know ORD well enough to evaluate how and why tasks break its GUI, but to use tasks…

  • Comment on Bentley View CE


    Underscoring Bentley's commitment to make no-cost file viewing available to the entire project ecosystem, we will release a CONNECT Edition version of Bentley View.  Given the outstanding demand for this, we will make every effort to provide it as…

  • RE: CE U8 - Modo Render Engine

    Hi Ivo,

    I'm using the good old Maxwell (works great in prè Connect). Fortunately the animations I made the last year didn't need such a high quality (for normal projects Lux is fine). If I get such a project in the future, I have to make an extra step…

  • RE: CE U8 - Modo Render Engine

    Hello Ivo,

    I'm using Lumion 8. 

  • RE: How to transfer level properties and view preferences (including those of references) to other drawings?

    I've been able to open level manager, select the reference file in question from the file tree, right-click in the level attribute area to Select All and Copy. I can then open my target file, open level manager, select the reference from the tree, and…

  • Comment on Manipulate Fence Conmtents: Stretch. Please show it to me.


    If your idea is implemented it should be as an option that user can choose to enable or disable, because it can be extremely slow and cumbersome dynamically manipulating a large number of elements simultaneously.


  • Comment on Movie editor: upgrade to 2017.

    Hi Ivo,

    I use the Movies.ma tool as a quick way of seeing the results of rendering an animation. For anything more advanced I use a tool such as Adobe Premiere Pro. There are a few good free third party editors available too, such as Hitfilm Express.…

  • RE: New posts - software and version

    Suggested compromise - add the fields which Ian suggested, but not make them mandatory. Then anyone posting is prompted for the information, but is not slowed down if they choose not to enter it. Overall, it is likely to be slower if they don't, as they…
  • RE: Cumulative Areas In Text Fields

    Adam Popel said:
    ...(you cannot add or delete vertext unless you drop the grouped hole).

    Since CE (2015) that you can insert and delete vertex from group holes (only deeper control for arc is still missing).




    That issue has been formulated as an improvement in the Ideas section here.

    I'd suggest you go vote the idea up in case you haven't already.

    It's already the second most popular request (second only after snapping to referenced vector PDF…