• Demand Collection for Customer Meters

    Not a question per se but more of a product enhancement.  I would like to see a Demand Collection for Customer Meter.  Right now I am having to manually calculate the demand if anything above base demand (i.e. Home(Luxury).  

    Thanks, NKG

  • Failed to copy payload for Bentley DgnDb iModel Importer 1.6x64

    Product(s): OpenRoads Designer
    Version(s): 10+
    Area:  Installation



    During payload download I get the following error: Failed to copy payload for Bentley DgnDb iModel Importer 1.6x64


    1. Create a log file
    2. From the log: the download…
  • RE: i have designed a project in sewer gems velocity errors

    When you are working with small sewers with only a few customers upstream, you will almost always have many pipes that don't continually meet the minimum velocity constraint.  When you get into these low flow situations, you need to remember that for…

  • RE: WaterGem

    You would need to use nested IIF statements to be able to assign specific outside diameters based on specific inside diameters. An example is seen here.

    Another option would be to use ModelBuilder and Excel. Meaning, create the OD UDX as a text field…

  • Uploading irregular cross sections via model builder


    I was trying to export canal cross sections via model builder to sewergems. Data source type is excel. But I'm getting error at the end. What could be the mistake I have done? I have input the station values in numeric format in excel ( 0+00, 0…

  • Civilstorm SWMM does not support the elevation-flow boundary condition

    Hello, I am running a CivilStorm model using SWMM engiine. However, I am getting a warning message "SWMM does not support the elevation-flow boundary condition at outfall. Assuming Free Outfall" My model's outfall is going into a river so I would really…

  • Combined Sewerage

    Can we run both sewer and storm model in sewer gems if yes which solver should I use because our client requirement is a combined sewer

  • Can Sewergems drainage model can be exported to Microdrainage?

    We are trying to export the drainage model in SewerGEMS to Microdrainage. Can any one could assist on it? Thanks

  • Smart Water Is...

    A water system that is simple to operate, provides the necessary information, and most importantly doesn't break the bank.  This question was asked a year ago and Tom nailed it on the head that it means differently to different folks. 

    At a minimum…

  • RE: Hydraulic Grade downstream of VSP

    Hello Adrian,

    I would caution against converting tanks to reservoirs - I only mentioned that as a quick way to illustrate how the tank becoming full/empty is the cause of the issue. It may be a good troubleshooting step though (go back later and turn…

  • RE: Darwin designer is not at all optimizing...

    I dug into your model today and found some additional problems to those covered in the thread thus far.

    It seems like you have competition between constraints. Specifically the maximum velocity constraint and the maximum pressure constraint. In order…
  • RE: Slipt pipe in watergems

    First, you should have a talk with the people in you GIS department about inserting nodes at the right places.

    Then, run the Network Navigator query Network Review > Pipe Split Candidates.

    Then right click and pick Merge Nodes in Close Proximity…
  • RE: Finding the most cost effective pump schedule with multiple constraints

    Hi Debbie,

    I assume for #1 you have set up tanks with a specific vertical range (max level --> min level) that is associated with a specific volume (the maximum draw down). I am guessing by what you have written above, you have set these tanks up as…
  • RE: Trench Soakaway


    SewerCAD does have the capability to model rainfall data. StormCAD probably would not be the program you want to use in this case because it's a steady state peak flow modeling software which means that you would not be able to look at the infiltration…

  • RE: Unexplainable Results of Modeling AVs in Hammer

    Hi Ahmed,

    Re: "may I consider this velocity as a software related assumption, and simply ignore the velocity diagram as long as the pressure envelope along the pipeline is acceptable?"

    This is something that you will need to decide based on…