• RE: Flow path issue

    Thanks Simon. Just attached the files.

  • SUE - OpenRoads Designer 2D and 3D not syncing up

    Hi All,

    I am currently using SUE in ORD Version 3 on ProjectWise and am currently coming up against the issue of when I alter something in my 2D model (i.e. location or rotation of a node) it does not update the 3D model and becomes out of sync. I was…

  • MX Dynamic Reports

    Product(s): Bentley MX V8i
    Version(s): MX V8i
    Area:  Reporting
    Original Author: Simon Pegg

    Video Clip explaining how to create detailed reports in MX

    Click the video below to play it. To view in fullscreen mode, first click the YouTube link…

  • Welcome to the Mining Community Forum


    Welcome to the Bentley Mining Community Forum.

    Please feel free to ask a question or start a discussion about anything to do with Mining, and the MineCycle Software.

    We look forward to Interacting with you on this Forum, and using the other Tools…