• - Add a custom projection from PRJ file

    To add a custom projection from an PRJ file:

    Load the PRJ into a Geographic Coordinate System with the following keyin:

    MapCSUtilities ReadWKT <filespec> 

    For example:  MapCSUtilities ReadWKT C:\Temp\2462.prj

    This keyin will replace an existing GCS…

  • [OR] Corridor Throws Error When Attempting to Edit a Parametric Constraint

    I cannot open the Corridor Objects tool (Bucket Icon) so to modify a corridor I have to use the Properties dialog box selected from the Project Explorer.

    I was trying to change the stations for a Parametric Constraint but when I would edit the station…

  • [ORD 2020 R1] Enable Task Navigation like MS U13?

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know how to enable (if possible) Task Navigation in ORD 2020 R1 like in Microstation CE Update 13?

    I'm not expecting any of the Civil tools to be available there, but hoping to use the CAD Tasks interface



  • [Ss3] Area Pattern Call Leaving Gaps With Zero Row and Column Spacing

    While trying to update cells to a new workspace, I found one area patterning cell that leaves massive gaps even though the spacing is set to zero. The cell appears to have no stray elements. I believe the original cell is from one of the delivered cell…

  • [V8i Ss3] Deleting a Level and it Elements

    I'm trying to clean up cells in a library. According to Level Usage, it's used but not in Cell Definitions, Application, Reference attachments, multiline styles or dim styles. The Level Properties Usage Tab says there are 3 lines.

    A Fit says no…

  • [v8i VBA] Create View Independent TextNode

    This question was never truly answered over 5 years ago, so I am asking again.

    I can select a text node in the Element Information dialog box and change the text node to View Independent. And then, the entire Text node retains its rotation as the view…

  • [VBA] Need help with MDL Wrapper Function for mdlSheetDef_setBorderAttachmentId

    The documentation when followed generates the following error message:

    Bad DLL calling convention (Error 49)

    While this error has a help page, it does not explain any specific corrective action that can be done.

    The Wrapper statement, from the MDL…

  • Any free macros / VBA for Solving Arc, chord, radius & angle, then output as text?

    I am constantly doing layouts that involve using Arc, radius, chord & angle, where two of those are known, and the other two are unknown (needs to be either layout or manually calculated).    I already have an excel spread sheet to doing something similar…

  • Anyone Experiencing OpenRoads Designer loading dgn files slowly in Projectwise?

    We are experiencing dgn files loading slowly with ORD in Projectwise.  We have gone as far as commenting out all varies except the absolute necessary ones. (dgnlib, cellist, civil content, seed files, etc...) Still is slow loading between opening files…

  • Application.Caption Issue


    I've just started looking to test what can be displayed in the title bar and I am finding that I am getting additional numbers with brackets after at the end of the information I want displayed. I'm running dual screens and the Left monitor by default…

  • Change Model Properties in VBA

    Before I jump into this, I thought I'd ask here first.

    Does anyone have some VBA code that changes a model from design model to a sheet and then applies some of the additional properties that become available once a model is a sheet?

    I tried recording…

  • Changing the Hosted Server - Per Project

    We have a locally hosted license file, but a current contract supplies licenses, hosted by Bentley, for MicroStation and GEOPAK. Our local server hosts MicroStation and various InRoads Products.

    When working on this particular project, we need to access…

  • Copy & Increment Text


    Something that has bugged me for years with the copy & increment text is that you can only use the command in a verb-noun mode, not in a noun-verb mode.  Here's my regular situation...  I have a detail sheet with a grid of lines.  A certain…

  • Data Acquisition Tools

    As a reasonably long time inRoads Survey user, are there any benefits to me looking into these tools? How do they fit into the greater scheme of things?

    I have been very pleased with the flexibility that InRoads Survey offers and make heavy use…

  • DWG Annotation Scale - Need Workmode to Emulate True DWG Methodology

    In AutoCAD, most people are now using three variables with Annotation scale to control text , annotative blocks and linetypes.


    Setting all 3 of these to 1 allows annotation scale to control linetypes with text and blocks…

  • HELP! – Bentley‘s software licensing policies?


    Is your company a victim of Bentley‘s software licensing policies?

    We used to be happy with the SELECT subscription‘s Trust
    Licensing program until about two and a half years ago when we learned about the
    „bucket method“ of license usage…

  • How do I make inlets from the engineering available for use under feature definitions nodes?

    Good day,

    How do I make inlets from the engineering library (Subsurface utilities => Components => Catalog => Engineering Libraries) available for use when placing nodes in the feature definitions pull down menu under the inlets folder? (Subsurface utilities…

  • Making reference level changes stick

    There are quite a few settings that can affect changes you make to reference level symbology, so I thought I would mention a couple of basics to check when changes do not save between sessions.

    With the introduction of V8, a new setting was introduced…

  • OpenRoads Designer

    The following WIKI articles and Support Video clips are provided as a reference by Bentley's Technical Support Group. They focus on the OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition product.

  • Upgrading V8i MDL Apps to Connect

    Is there any documentation on the absolute basic essentials to implement when porting from V8i mdl's to Connect?.  I have written a few mdls in the past and want to now re-compile them for Connect.  I have no idea where to start, and am not familiar…