• Migration Utilities for 10.10

    When will Migration Utilities be upgraded for 10.10 release. Specifically with the ability to define Item Types associated with Feature Definition.

  • It's time to P A Y M Y R E S P E C T S to the community.

    after DAYS & DAYS & DAYS of trying to get Managed ORD workspaces on our ProjectWise server, I've done it.*


    But, not without scanning and re-scanning and re-reading and re-watching and re-visiting those posts and videos on this site.

    And I…

  • Idea- Make Geometry builder edit act the same as Inroads check integrity

    I missed check integrity from Inroads a lot, I have started playing with the geometry builder edit and there is a lot of potential for this tools, we could almost make it work like the check integrity from Inroads.  Why not adapt it?

  • RE: Open Roads Designer Upgrade suggestions

    I am continuing to press Bentley on this issue through a Service Request (SR). Currently, they have added additional enhancements for installation of multiple versions and backwards compatibility, but have not offered any proposed processes to address…

  • [ORD VBA] Automate Toggle of "Use Active Feature" Feature Definition Toolbar button


    I'm trying to automate the pre-filling of the "Set Feature Definition" dialog in VBA and can get it to work if I select the Feature Definition in the Feature Definition toolbar and select the "Use Active Feature" function of the Toolbar.…

  • OpenSite Designer - Landscaping Features?

    This month's SIG was very interesting.

    Echoing this post, I wonder OpenSite Designer might not pave the way for a landscape architecture BIM app. A lot of the elements are there for a unique offering, especially as Vue Render is being integrated into…

  • RE: Templates - Ditch Modeling With a Set Depth and Width From Backslope

    Work backwards.  Since the location of the ditch relies on the location of the catch point (or daylight point), find that point first.  Create some null points that mimic the geometry of your ditch, starting at the hinge point or somewhere along the fill…

  • Connection Client too intrusive

    The connection client want to ALWAYS start, even when no Bentley products are running. Why does this matter? Because I'd prefer you don't have an avenue of monitoring my activities when I am doing personal business such as banking or chatting with clients…

  • RE: When does the SELECT Server go offline and we will be forced to migrate to Connection Client for InRoads?

    This is the first time that I have heard about a potential alternate licensing approach.

    Considering that this question has been asked by various people on various forums for several months, and all previous replies were either "don't worry about it"…

  • RE: [ORD] Keyins to prefill Dialogs?


    I don't know of any key-ins for Annotation Groups. I'll find out and feedback. May be an enhancement request.

    Simon Pegg

    Bentley Civil Support

  • How to modify a vertical complex geometry

    Hi all,

    I'm working on ORD 2019 update 1.

    We have created a lot of horizontal and vertical complex alignment for a project.

    Many corridor have been created based on these alignments.

    Now the design criteria have changed and we need to modify those…

  • RE: How to modify a vertical complex geometry

    I have had the same issues. We have many corridors linked to our vertical alignments. If the complex is deleted and rebuild all those corridors usually blow up.  As far as editing existing complex elements,  I have had luck removing curves from a complex…

  • RE: Select By Attributes Connect U7

    You might find that this icon that Bruce has mentioned does not display by default. If you right click on this ribbon group you can choose the Selecy By Attributes to ensure it is being displayed here.

    You may find the Search Ribbon tool in the top right…

  • ORD Enhancement needed - a corridor clipping reference should also trim geometry created by the corridor

    For example: a skewed bridge.  It is very easy to create a shape matching the bridge abutments or construct the underpass corridor and use it for the clipping boundary.  The model is clipped perfectly.  However, the geometry generated by the corridor should…

  • RE: OpenRoads Create 3D Design Model Error

    Here's my list of things I review in the seed:

    • Make sure there is no global origin shift (EXTREMELY Important)
    • Define Coordinate system
    • View Attributes
      • Turn Off grid (personal preference)
      • Turn Off clip volume, clip front and clip back (highly recommended…