• [VBA] Right Click Popup Menu from Userform

    A few years ago, at my previous employer, I built a VBA macro that had a Right Click Copy/Paste menu for text boxes. Unfortunately, as the code was developed on the company's dime, it had to remain behind when I was downsized.

    So far, my current searches…

  • Batch Convert 3D to 2D

    Is there a batch conversion for 3D to 2D files?


  • Batch process 3D to 2D

    Hi there

    I'm looking to batch process .dgn drawings from 3d to 2d. Any suggestions?

    Thanking you in advance



    Q. Can this be run inside MicroStation through Utilities/Batch Process?


  • Cell Library Search

    I originally wrote about this in a forum post, but I thought it might be more appropriate to post this in my blog (It might be easier to find?):

    One thing I have always wanted in MicroStation is a way to search cell libraries by cell description (and…

  • How to get the annotation scale

    Hello. I want to get the annotation scale from an empty model. And I want to use it to set the right level active.

    My skil to program in VBA is not very best, so if you want to help me, plaese do