• [CONNECT .NET Addin] Set color, weight, and linestyle "ByLevel"

    In V8i addins I could easily set the color, weight, and linestyle to bylevel using:

    Element.Color = -1

    Element.Weight = -1

    Element.LineStyle = ByLevelLineStyle

    How do you achieve the same results in CONNECT? I know you use the ElementPropertiesSetter…

  • [CONNECT .NET] MstnPlatformNet Forms Classes

    I want to find how to make my C# AddIn project's WinForm a child of MicroStation's main window.  Is that possible?

    While browsing MstnPlatformNet help I came across the Bentley.MstnPlatformNET.WinForms Namespace.  It contains a number of useful…

  • [CONNECT C#] - Issue with TagElement.ReplaceInModel(null)

    I'm trying to update the URL for Engineering Links in a collection of DGN files. The problem is that I seam to be creating duplicates of the TAG when writing the updated element back into the model.

    After processing a file, following the engineering…

  • Call Microstation from a VB.net program

    Good morning all

    I know this is not strictly Microstation but here goes.  Having rebuilt my computer I now want to run a VB.net program that "draws" lines in Microstation.

     I have a line in NameSpace "imports microststionDGN" but I cannot…

  • Creating promis.e V8i Plug-ins

      Product(s): Promis.e V8i
      Version(s): 08.11.08 and higher
      Environment: N/A
      Area: APIs_VBA
      Subarea: N/A


    For years, Microsoft has provided developers with the tools needed to produce software applications. Beginning in…

  • Customizing the Interface - CONNECT Edition

      Product(s): Bentley Substation
      Environment: N/A
      Area: PowerPlatform Support
      Subarea: N/A


    If using a V8i (08.11.xx.xx) version of the software, see the Customizing the Interface - V8i article…

  • Deployment Guide - Promis.e CONNECT Edition

    Product(s): Promis.e CONNECT Edition
    Version(s): 10
    Environment: N/A
    Area: Installation_Configuration
    Subarea: N/A


    The purpose of this document is to guide you through the deployment process of Promis.e CONNECT Edition. The deployment…

  • Draw circle perpendicular to a line...


    I want to programatically draw a circle, at a given point along a line (or spline), so that the circle is perpendicular to the line at that point.


    So, almost like extruding a shape along a linear element, where the shape (a planar shape) has to…

  • How to print a microstation model in c#

    How can i print a microstation model in c# programmatically ?


  • MDL - Getting Started With XAttributes In MicroStation V8 XM Edition

     Publish Date: March 2006

    Note: The files for this article are available from the Bentley Developer Network Example Code archive that is in the Bentley Developer Network Download Category of SELECTservices Online.

    New in MicroStation V8 XM Edition is…

  • MicroStation CONNECT Edition Configuration Variables

      Product: MicroStation
      Version: CONNECT Edition
      Environment: N\A
      Area: Configuration
      Subarea: General


    This technical document provides a description of published configuration variables in MicroStation CONNECT Edition. MicroStation…

  • Migration to CONNECT Edition - What Configuration Changes have been made in Power Platform?

      Product(s): OpenBuildings Designer (and AECOsim Building Designer)
      Version(s): CONNECT Edition and V8i
      Environment: N/A
      Area: Configuration
      Subarea: Migration


    This is a high level overview of differences between V8i…

  • Print Organizer


    Can anyone tell how to set the parameter for the key-in PRINTORGANIZER OUTPUTFILENAME <expression name>.

    Valid entries for <expression name>...?



    Øyvind Olsen

    Norconsult Informasjobssystemer AS

  • Print organizer key-ins


    I have some code where I call print organizer key-ins. I'm trying to set the print destination to my pdf file to c:\temp\.

    I have already made a pset file where I set the default print definition name to <model name> and the output…

  • Q: How to setup a basic VB.NET app for V8i?

    I'm trying to setup just a basic .NET VB 2010 Express app for Microstation V8i. I've installed the Microstation SDK. The only COM Reference I can find within VB to add is "Bentley Microstation DGN 8.9 Object Library". I would like to setup "Imports…

  • RE: Add-in/Plug-in for Microstation

    Thanks for the reply. Your the greatest!! I have to work on another project for a few days. Hope to get back to this on Wed.
    I'll let you know how it turns out.
    Thanks again
  • Searching and Evaluating Data in a drawing with VBA: Part 8 - Evaluating Nested Complex Elements

      Applies To 
      Product(s): MicroStation
      Environment:  Windows 7 32 bit,Windows 7 64 bit
      Area:  Programming
      Subarea:  VBA
      Original Author: Tristan Anderson, Bentley Technical Support Group
  • V8i tasks in MicroStation CONNECT

    In MicroStation V8i, we use the task in MainClassic.dgnlib. Because our users want to continue using the same key-in shortcuts in MicroStation CONNECT, we copied this dgnlib to the CONNECT-environment.
    In MicroStation CONNECT Update 13, we select the workflow…

  • VBA macro ( V8i) stops running when I select another command

    I created a VBA macro (Microstation V8), which runs like AccruDraw.
    It provides, for each mouse movement, the XYZ position of cursor and its projection in a DTM with a change in background color of the control TextBox according this position (green means…