• SUDA and Survey Data


    I am curious as to how the community is handling survey data as regards utility information (existing water lines, tel Lines, sanitary sewer lines, valves, etc. and additionally storm Inlets, manholes, etc.) in combination with SUDA feature definitions…

  • RE: What is the recommended workflow for creating drainage profiles for plan sheet production using SUDA in SS4?

    I ran a test with a SUDA network containing generic water nodes and generic water links and when I exported to the SDB the pipes and inlets came forward. I don't have a vast/large network to test but I will place a few different type structures and test…
  • ORD Memory Management - 96% usage of 32Gb?

    Hi all,

    Does ORD seriously use this much memory? All I did was create a corridor, open some dynamic sections and generate some drawings and im at 96% of my 32Gb RAM.

    We have experienced difficulties using SS4 due to poor memory management and would have…

  • OpenRoads Designer Technology Preview 2- Connecting to ProjectWise SS4

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to connect the new OpenRoads Designer to our ProjectWise SS4 database. Please help!