• High Resolution Display - Not integrated

    There is an issue on high resolution displays that I am not able to overcome. All of the text in the tables is very small and unreadable.
  • How to reach Legacy Editor in STAAD Connect Edition V22?

    Please help me to get back my legacy editor in newly updated STAAD Connect Edition V22.. Is it possible ?
  • Number of digits

    Dear friends i wounder if i can control the number of digits that appear in Utilization ratio of steel structure in order to avoid the congestion of the numbers
  • OpenSTAAD Help File - Help!

    In the latest version of STAAD.Pro ( the OpenSTAAD help screen has this little gem on the first page. "In an effort to provide you with the best application support in the industry, OpenSTAAD documentation is provided electronically in…
  • Openstaad(VBA) function is not working

    Hello all, I`m trying to retrieve LX,LY,LZ Design parameters by Openstaad. But the Design.GetMemberDesignParameters function is not working. I dont know how the LPDISPATCH works. Please tell me how I can use the function of GetMemberDesignParameters…
  • STAAD Crashing

    I installed the latest version of STAAD.Pro ( earlier this week and have already experienced at least 4 crashes. Two gave me the opportunity to send a report. One just shut STAAD down with no warning. The other one shut down the Analysis Output…
  • Staad.pro Connect Edition update 3 + openstaad API + .NET C#

    Hi , i trying to develop custom tool using openstaad + c#. i want know what is reference .dll name and where its located in staad installed path.(specially connect edition ) your sample Excel macro is working fine in my system. in this new version…