• RE: Beta testing for Microstation Connect Update 12?

    Hi Robert,

    thanks for collecting some important issues and topics, but personally I dsagree with some of yours conclusions, because in my opinion despite of based on correct fact, they are wrong. But of course my perspective nad priorities based on 25…


    Hello Beata Szpircak,

    Do you mean you want to Merge all References attached to those 500 files?

    If yes you can follow steps given below.
    1. Open a file have a reference attached
    2. Key in "reference merge all", it will popup one alert dialog, …
  • Window 10 - Delivered but uninstalled Fonts

    For those interested in fonts I've been looking at what is available in Windows 10.  One font that is delivered with Window10 is the Verdana Pro family.  This is rebuild of Verdana that has a range of 5 weights  - Light thru Bold/Black in normal, condensed…