• RE: Bad Animation Frames

    Hi Chris,

    Sorry you are having this issue it looks like you are saving frames using smooth shading and not Luxology is this correct? It would be best for you to post the data set for us to have a look. It appears to be camera clipping issue which could…

  • RE: Is it possible to define ECProperty as enum type?

    I'm relatively certain the new "pick lists" are only usable with Item Types (created in MicroStation's Item Types dialog), not general ECSchemas. I could be wrong.

    However ECSchemas have for years supported custom attributes which behave…

  • Re: is it possible convert curve,arc and ellipse to linestring?


    you could use the el.ConstructVertexList(tolerance) Function in VBA...


    Dim p() as Point3d

    p = curve_el.ConstructVertexList (tolerance)

    Set line_el= CreateLineElement1(curve_el, p)



  • RE: V8i VBA - I Want My Very Own PropertyHandler!

    Try adding a default value to your property in the class editor.
    To do this open the schema in the class editor and then in the properties tab select the custom attributes button.
    Add 'Calculated ECProperty Specification' custom property to the property…

  • Re: [v8i] Fence.GetContents enumeration slowdown vs v8XM

    Alex Proffitt said:
    I'm absolutely convinced that there is an actual slowdown between versions

    I suggest that you prepare a simple test case: a VBA project that does nothing more than your timed code and a sample DGN model for it to work with.


  • [V8i-SS2 VBA] reading variable from un-opened VBA Projects

    Hi Folks,

    I am writing a utility to  read utility versions for all my MVBA Projects. Will I need to open all in this code in order to do this?

    I have highlighted where I got to so far.


    ' ------------------------------------------------------------…

  • RE: V8i VBA - I Want My Very Own PropertyHandler!

    It's possible IF you're will to use the MicroStation XML API. Not necessarily "quick and easy", but possible....