• Staad Pro Area, One Way and Floor Loads - Uniformly Varying

    in the Staad Pro manual it says the following about Area, One Way and Floor loads:

    G.15.3 Area, One-way, and Floor Loads

    The following assumptions are made while transferring the area/floor load to member load:

    1. The member load is assumed to be a linearly…

  • RE: Member Take-Off - How to add to Reports

    There is currently no way to get that into the Report but here is what you can do. Select the Steel Take Off data from the analysis output file. Press CTRL+C to copy the data. You will get a confirmation saying xxx lines has been copied. Open  Notepad…

  • RE: how to apply snow drift in STAAD pro?

    Plate loads are transferred to the adjacent elements or beams through the nodes. So if you define a single plate for the entire floor and apply pressure load on it, the load would directly be transferred to the columns without bothering the beams. You have…

  • RE: RAM Concrete - Gravity Concrete column fixity

    You can assign lateral member fixity in Modeler or in Ram Frame. It does carry over to the Ram Concrete Analysis. 

  • RE: Slab Modelling

    Yes, Parametric Modeling could also be used. It is the most advanced meshing method in the analytical modeler and it is the only method to be used when user wants to perform the shear wall design in the Advanced Concrete Design workflow (RCDC).

  • RE: Ram Masonry Wall Module - Flanged Walls

    Regretfully, reinforcement design is not completed for wall flanges. This is one of the limitations for the masonry wall module that is noted in the RAM Elements Manual (see page 560).

    The effective width of the flange is limited to the lesser of 6…