• [Contextcapture] KML relative to ground

    How to export KML which is relative to Google Earth ground? It is either sinked in earth or is above earth. If using Google Earth Pro it is possible to hide Terrain but then model is above earth because of elevation difference.

  • [OR Ss4] Creating a Corridor Boundary - Extract Mesh Boundary Creates Circular Dependency - Alternative Method Found

    OK, I tried something I saw on Envision CAD's Tips. I want to create a Corridor Boundary. The tip said to display the top mesh and use the Extract Mesh Boundary tool. But it complains that this would create a Circular Dependency.

    The Element Information…

  • Assign a Template Library ITL to the WorkSet level

    Product(s): OpenRoads Designer
    Area:  Basic Settings
    Original Author: Holly Herring, Bentley Technical Support Group



    How do I assign a Template Library ITL to the WorkSet location?


    1. Create a folder…
  • Edit mesh from ContextCapture i Microstation


    I have a problem...when importing a mesh from ContextCapture to Microstation (.obj) and trying to edit it (deleting some of the triangles) the pattern map gets completely out of order.

    When importing the mesh the pattern map unit is set to surface…

  • Elevation Axis of Profile Displays Backwards "ZZZ"

    Product(s): InRoads, MX, GEOPAK
    Version(s): 08.11.09+
    Area:  Vertical Geometry



    Instead of elevations, the profile axis displays backwards ZZZs.


    Change the "Manipulator Font" in Workspace > Preferences > View Options…

  • Fitting for sue conduits (Box to cirkel)

    Hi all. I was wondering if anyone had an idea on how I would be able to create a fitting or joint in SUE, where a square conduit connects with a cirkel conduit. Both are placed by center, but I can't get my head around how I would create the cell for…

  • Frequent Random Corridor Corruptions

    Our corridors repeatedly have corruptions that display the Is Target, Is Reverse, Is Mandatory... properties for the Corridor. Does anyone have a clue to what causes that?

  • How do I Remove Intervals? (SS4)

    Product(s): InRoads, MX, GEOPAK
    Version(s): 08.11.09+
    Area:  Horizontal Geometry



    How do I remove intervals from civil geometry elements?


    Locate the civil geometry element in Project Explorer>Civil Model. There you will…

  • How to add a custom/local height grid in ContextCapture - Part 2 (Advanced)

      Product(s): ContextCapture
      Version(s): N\A
      Environment: N\A
      Area: Spatial Reference System Database
      Subarea: N\A

    Unlike projections or customized SRS that can be implemented in ContextCapture using a PRJ or WKT file, the vertical…

  • InRoads SS2 Migration to ORD

    Product(s): OpenRoads Designer
    Area:  Drawing Production
    Original Author: Bentley Technical Support Group

    NOTE: A new "XIN Extractor" tools has been created to greatly streamline the process shown below.…

  • Key Stations Cross Sections no bueno

    I am attempting to cut cross sections at a 50' interval but also have specific cross sections cut at driveways, so I set Key Stations at every drive and one intersection. But when I run the create cross sections command, it cuts all my cross sections…

  • Making WorkSpace and WorkSet Creation "Read Only"

    Is there a way to turn off a user's ability to create WorkSpaces and WorkSets? Since the creation of them is in a drop down on the very first screen that users see, we're worried about everybody having that ability and the inevitable "Oops, I made a new…

  • Open Cross Section Model doesn't work in heads-up prompt.

    I have a dgn that has a few corridors in it but one corridor isn't acting like the others with regards to the heads-up prompt.  So I hover over the corridor to bring up the corridor prompt and try to select the Open Cross Section Model but nothing…

  • OpenRoads Designer , Where to annotate coordinates, stations and bearing? Drawing model? Design Model? Sheet Model?

    OpenRoads Designer

    When creating sheets from named boundaries the software automatically creates a drawing model then a sheet model from the named boundary.  This workflow seems to work well and is pretty straight forward.  The problem I have ran into is…

  • Openroads to Navisworks

    Hi guys

    I need to export some models designed in Openroads to 3D Solids so I can imprt them to Navisworks.  I have been told that if I save an Openroads model as a DWG, it will export the drainage to 3D Solids, then I can NWCOUT from there.  When I "Save…

  • Optimizing Memory - Corridor Processing

    Product(s): InRoads
    Version(s): 08.11.09+
    Area:  Corridor Processing
    Original Author: Bentley Technical Support Group



    When working with corridors in OpenRoads, there are many options and settings that can help optimize the processing…

  • ORD Export - Linear Features Problem

    When exporting my corridor from OpenRoads Designer to a dwg or dgn, it connects the gaps between the linear features.  For example, on the earthworks linear feature, it is connecting the cut features together and the fill features together.

    I'm also getting…

  • ORD Section exports?

    Hi all,

    Does anyone have a good way to separate ORD sections from the ORD model? The issues I am having are:

    1. Fatal error when I try to export to DWG

    2. Replacement of text values with hashes (#) when I open them in Microstation CONNECT

    3. Replacement…

  • Video: Creating a 3D Linestyle for use in Corridor Modeling

    Product(s): InRoads, MX, GEOPAK
    Version(s): 08.11.09+
    Area:  Civil Standards/Feature Definitions
    Original Author: Chuck Lawson, Sales Technical Support

    The following 2 videos demonstrate creating a 3D Linestyle of guardrail components which…

  • Visible Edges Cache Error Message in OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

    Hi Guys,

    I just created my first demo project in ORD.

    After designing my horizontal and vertical alignments I created a corridor and added a template drop.

    I then went ahead and created a few Named Boundary elements.

    When I select any of the newly created…