• SIG Workshop: Bentley Visualization − LumenRT Update 14 Sneak Peek

    Bentley Visualization Special Interest Group − LumenRT Update 14 Sneak Peek
    Host: David Burdick, Senior Product Manager, Bentley Systems, Inc.
    20 November 2019 at 11:00 A.M. EST and 06:00 P.M. EST

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    Learn new capabilities to bring…

  • RE: LumenRT - Disappointment

    Blender I have only used for it's integrated movie editor, so I'm not going to be of much help there. Sorry.

    Makehuman is fun exploring. The program starts with a basic human shape, wich you can alter by clicking on one of several predelivered…

  • RE: LumenRT - Designer version

    Hi,This is some kind of BUG for Connect Licensing. Several users report the same issue.

    You need execute the attached bat file which will reset and clear your license history.ResetEntitlementsAndCC.zip

    After that run Bentley Licensing tool,and click Activation…

  • RE: EON Assert - An assertion failed CE Update 12

    Hi Simon,

    Problem is with the path "\fmg.local\perth\..." which is not a valid path.
    This path is configured during installation of LumenRT, so maybe something went wrong during install, or as you suggest the configuration of your local drives…

  • Published live cube in LumenRT

    The live cube i.e. *.lrt file running smoothly, but the published live cube is not running well. It is getting crashed. Is there the file size does matter? or anything alse? file size is 370 MB.

  • Comment on materials problem in lumenrt

    This file seems an issue in LumenRT 2016 too and forwarded to development team to resolve it. for now just re export the file, you wont lose your objects and assigned materials.