• OBM math expressions in Template variables do not work!


    OBM Update 8,


    The Update indication said that “Support for math expressions in Template variables”

    But, no matter where putting the expressions in the Value or Variable , there is no result, and is not correct.

    Please test…

  • RE: ord或者cnccbim是否有计划推出挡土墙、涵洞设计模块?

    对于桩板墙、扶壁式挡土墙:   Openroads designer这一套基于横断面 template的控制技术,在模板平面内可能很好的控制模型的生成,但是在纵向(aligment方向)缺乏参数化的控制工具。如果实现一个模板(template)沿路线应用 的“间隔距离”和“长度” 参数化控制,那就可以建桩板墙。也就是说,比如一个模板,沿一条路线每隔10米应用一次,并且应用的距离为2米,这样可生成桩板墙的板肋;另一个模板,每隔10米用一次,应用距离为8m,这样…

  • For OpenRoads Conceptstation , the Connection Client is too poor!

    Have you bentley development team test the Client program?

    Now , with the CL license, if you do not log in, you can not use the program!

    But I usually can not log in, the Client usually has no response, and it is low efficient, and its delay time are…