• RE: Importing a Drawing Model into another file

    Morning Jamie,

    As I suspected, I had no problems whatsoever attaching your details using V8i. When I attached the model, I first see the 'Live Elements' drawn in that model (annotations in this case) and as I wrote in my original reply, setting Live Nesting…

  • shortcuts

    in v8i version there are shortcuts. you cannot change them but they are very easy to use once you get used to. like Q>1 for line, 3>2 for move, E>3 for arc. but in connect edition shortcuts are waaaaaaay harder to use. its almost impossible to use. so…


    if you were to place your  first line where it was needed and oriented and length needed, then you could use script files that contain the key in with copy and  DL=X,Y;

    It only requires you click on first line and enter the keyin run keyin button

    The DL…

  • RE: how do I join two keyins after first keyin completed in SSV10

    Hi Lorys,

    You can easily draw a perfect S shaped curve between two parallel lines
    using Accudraw and the key-in PLACE SMARTLINE ARC

    2. Snap to desired starting point on 1st line
    3. Rotate accurdraw to the element (RE) and click on…
  • RE: how do I join two keyins after first keyin completed in SSV10

    Thanks Ron but as I mentioned in my post  I said I could use the arc and  accudraw method as its less clicks than the two script keying.. but I was hoping to automate it so it works with two clicks ..which I think would need a VBA. routine

    but  for now your…

  • Best Wishes to All

    My last day in the office for a few weeks so just wanted to wish everyone a safe time no matter what\how they celebrate this time of the year. 

    Looking forward to what 2021 brings.

    All the best.

  • CAD Administrators - A Challenge

    After 20 odd years in this industry it frustrates me that I always feel like it's a fight to justify my job and what it entails.

    So, here's a challenge.

    Recognise what CAD Admins do for their firms and Bentley and make our lives easier. Here's…

  • [CONNECT] Missing bentley library utilities in CONNECT version.

    One of reason for many users staying with v8i versions is lack of Bentley Library utilities like Areatool, Civtools as there are no similar funcionality in CONNECT edition.

    Are there plans to migrate these utilities or add such functionality in Microstation…

  • more Connect issues

    Connect release 9.

    Issue after issue. Just 3 today. I've just about burnt out with Service Tickets and Forum Posts.

    1. The user interface seems unfinished. In the Drawing interface, level, color, weight etc. appear O.K., in the Task Nav interface…

  • RE: Curve by Formula Question

    Yep thought about that as a backup, but kinda defeats the purpose of having the tool to begin with Slight smile. Appreciate the alternative suggestion though

  • RE: Printing with Print Organizer in a batch file

    Thanks, I got it to work. It took me 3 files to get it to work. 1 batch file to fire off MicroStation, 2 a macro to run a txt file, 3 a txt file to run the organizer and open pset file and print it and exit MicroStation.

  • RE: Printing Raster (Microstation V8i SS4)

    I just had this same issue and it has been an issue in the past. Go into the References Dialog and make sure the column for Presentation is shown (if it is not shown, right click in the title area for the columns and check Presentation). Change the presentation…

  • RE: Issue when printing to TIFF

    This was just something the client requested.  They said they had issues viewing the PDF's when they printed.  I don't see the issue.  I think it's that they are used to dealing with TIFFs as opposed to PDFs.  The drawings in question plot fine…

  • RE: Element ID vs Mstn ID vs Instance ID

    Hi Min,

    it's recommended to ask questions separately to don't create confusing threads with merged topics.

    My guess about different IDs:

    • ElementID is unique ID in design file context. In fact it's a counter, that assign a number to every newly…