• Dan Williams

    Dan was originally hired back in March of 1996 to do TeamMate MDL customizations as a member of the Customization and Consulting Group (CCG). Now a member of Bentley Professional Services, Dan’s areas of expertise include ProjectWise and the ProjectWise…

  • Gary Mansager

    Been using MicroStation since the first PC version 2.5. Am well versed in 3d, Inroads, Descartes, MicroStation Configurations, VBA.

  • Gene Heatwole

    I started on the board. (yes I am an old fart and I was great with a LeRoy set. HaHa)

    In 1982 I was using VAX software to digitize SBT lines onto mappings for Hinkles & McCoy.

    In 1987 Greiner decided to try a new product called CAD using a McDonell…

  • Kelly McGee

    I have been working in various data management systems for 10 years and am currently working with and managing ProjectWise for Lockheed Martin.